How much did Kardashian's epic Christmas party cost?

adminDecember 28, 2018

This year the family is Kardashian He saved absolutely nothing at the time of making his epic Christmas party, the theme of which was "Magical White Christmas in Whoville" and responsible for Mindy Weiss. The event was attended by 200 guests, and the West Kardashian mansion was filled with various rooms for the recreation of all, including children and adults. But how much does the exclusive party cost to the most medical family in the United States?

It was known that from the family's pocket came less than half a million dollars to carry out the celebration. Chef Bruce Hecker made the evening buffet that pleased the most famous Hollywood personalities at the moment. Other characters like El Grinch and Santa Clauss also participated in the event. In terms of lighting, it considered white and neon light, giving the feeling of a really cool atmosphere, as well as a photo box to immortalize the memories of the magic night.

The party, for the first time in history, was not celebrated in the matriarch's house, but in the mansion that has Kim Kardashian next to Kanye West in los angeles When it comes to decoration, there was an atmosphere covered by false snow. In addition, the organization was required to build a giant mountain and an igloo.

As usual, the sisters decided to share photos of the night in their official accounts Instagram. One of the most active was Kim, who through stories in the social network gave an overview of all the details that made the party one of the best celebrations the family has performed.

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