How Meghan Markle's relatives have turned it into a family business

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Meghan Markle

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"Let's face it: we all have to survive, money makes the world go round, so if you want to claim that, that's fine, but I think no one in the media would reject a paycheck for talking about royalty and, like One family, we are not subject to the actual protocol. "

That's Samantha Marklehalf sister to Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and apparently self-appointed spokesperson for the family, defending the many cases in which the family has benefited from the fairy tale of a family member from the past Costumes exchanged star "I do" with Prince Harry last May during an interview with ITV's Good Morning Britain in July.

And make no mistake, the family has been charging, further widening the chasm that stands between them and Meghan at every turn, like Samantha, the father. Thomas Markleand nephew Tyler Dooley seems incapable of, or perhaps, more likely, willing to– Do not add fuel to the frenzy of the media that, in general, they have created. And by doing so with relentless commitment, they have made Meghan a very lucrative family business.

The first time in the world she realized that Meghan's family probably would not be in line with the actual protocol in April 2017, months before Meghan and Harry were engaged, when Samantha, who was still with Samantha Grant, clearly before realizing that he used the same as his separated brother could be good for business, announced in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star of the United Kingdom that he was planning a book that would tell everything with the job title, The diary of Princess Pushy's sister.

"Maybe when Meghan is more mature and read the book, she'll understand," Samantha, a self-styled ex-model and actress (with a lonely 1993). Matlock The appearance of the guest in IMDb to support his claims) that he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008, said to the exit at that time. "Some of that will not please you, some of what you could."

Immediately, Samantha's mother. Roslyn, who has not spoken in years, accused of daughter trying to take advantage of the high reputation of Meghan. "Samantha has been chasing her for years," she said of her daughter's behavior toward the future duchess. "Everything she has said about her is a lie."

Since then, Samantha has maintained a regular presence on the British news circuit, routinely presenting perplexing appearances in which she constantly contradicts the way she talks about Meghan on social media, explaining her many hits as signs of her "quick wit" and the result of having "worked in radio and broadcasting for a while, and I've always been a bit boisterous," as he told Channel 5. Jeremy Vine just last week

Despite his assurances that all these appearances are to help unite Meghan and her father in the light of their own estrangement, their antics have surely worked against her. She has created stories to annoy the media, including one about a possible appearance in Celebrity big brother. She appeared outside of Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace to take pictures. She has retained the services of a publicist, who is committed to issuing threats on behalf of her client on social networks. He participated in the TLC documentary. When Harry met Meghan: a real commitment. She is still writing the damn book, now titled. In the shadows of the duchess. And she says things like this:

"I worked in the media most of my life and in the broadcast, so because my sister is suddenly real, she has no reason to stop doing all that," he said in July, despite that there is no evidence to support his supposed curriculum. "For someone to say:" Oh, you should not take money, you should reject a paycheck, "well, tell your boss you do not want a check for interviewing me because that's a change."

Of course, despite her de facto position as CEO of this rude family operation, Samantha is not the only Markle who started collecting money. In the days leading up to Meghan's wedding, she received a major blow when it was revealed that the paparazzi photos involving her father Thomas trapping him in seemingly lovely and sincere moments, visiting an Internet cafe to see photos of Meghan and Prince Harry, reading Images of Great Britain: a pictorial journey through history, Preparing for a tuxedo, in fact, had been a business deal, although Samantha took the blame.

"As we know, the media can take very unpleasant pictures of people on their occasional days and become disproportionate." I said, "You know, the world has no idea that it's getting in shape, doing healthy things. "I did not photograph you buying vegetables and water for the PH. They photograph you in the most unflattering way they can, "he explained during an appearance on the ITV talk show. Women loose In May. "I told him:" Really, you need to show the world that you're getting fit and doing great healthy things. "So, I suggested it."

Later, he insisted that Thomas had not earned "a lot" of money with the photos, adding: "He was rejecting $ 50,000 interviews, so clearly that money was not the goal, and the small amount of money he received (1,500 pounds). ) The photographers made the money, not my father. "

Although Harry told him not to speak to the press, Thomas continued to do just that, reserving an exclusive session with Morgan springs in Good morning brittany– One who gave $ 10,000 to the former director of television lighting, as Morgan made clear during the talk in an attempt to defend his guest by explaining that he could have won more elsewhere and simply "wanted to express his opinion". He continued to give his opinion when, days later, he presented a somewhat less regretful appearance in TMZ of all places.

The last Markle to join the family business has been Meghan's nephew, Tyler Dooley, his stepbrother's son. Thomas Markle Jr., a brother who has also given his fair share of scorched earth interviews, though not as often as Samantha. If Dooley's name sounds familiar, you probably remember him from his appearance at this circus when, earlier this year, an Oregon relative capitalized on his tangential connection with the Duchess and became the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary. called Royally Grown (Understood?) that presented a strain named after his aunt in honor of his great day. Called Meghan Sparkle, it was said that the mix was as "unique and individual" as its namesake and so strong "that it will take away the crown of anyone".

Looking to increase his fifteen minutes, Dooley, 25, has joined the cast of The real world, an upcoming MTV International reality show that "invited a group of royalty and aristocrats to live together in the English countryside and filmed each of their movements in an attempt to discover what it is like to be young and real," according to Press release. .

In the trailer of the series, which will debut on international channels of MTV in 180 territories outside the US. UU On November 7, Dooley enters the room saying, "Oh, hello, guys, I'm just looking for my great-aunt, Liz." We are sure that the Queen will love being referred to as such. (There is no set date for the premiere in the US)

"Dooley considers that Meghan was more like a sister to him as he grew up, and is ready to have a real impact when he sets the record that surrounds his family," reads the accompanying press release, with his biography that promises that will enter The real world mansion "with a point to try". Oh brother.

Look, we live in a capitalist society, you can not deny that. And as such, when there is something that generates as much interest in the general public as the real family during all these years, there will always be offers of money, whether large or not, to, in essence, sell them.

And as the Markles have shown over and over again, they will always be there to answer the call.


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