How Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton could help Charles become king

adminDecember 29, 2018

Meghan Markle has been credited with helping to transform the image of the royal family.

A mixed race, American divorce with a successful career as an actress, Meghan has been greeted as a breath of fresh air for the monarchy.

And the Duchess of Sussex's popularity can help his father-in-law, Prince Charles, when he comes to take the throne, it has been claimed.

Leading royal expert Phil Dampier believes the "fab four" of Meghan, Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry will help the public "tolerate" Charles as King.

"Fab four" can help the public "tolerate" Prince Charles as king, it is claimed

Charles, 70, is the longest serving official in the history of Britain.

As for the public, Dampier, who has reported on the royal family for more than 30 years, told Daily Express: "With the younger kings coming up behind you can see the future mapped out, so I think they are more than happy to tolerate Charles for the relatively short period he will be king.

"It's a hard core of people who don't like Prince Charles, and I don't think anything is going to change, but I think most people respect him and appreciate having a very difficult speech."

Charles went in to go Meghan down the aisle when her father was forced to retire

Prince Charles, born in November 1948, has been next in line for the throne since his mother was queen in February 1952.

He is also the longest serving Prince of Wales in history, and has been titled since 1958.

Mr Dampier claimed that Prince Charles is now satisfied with his situation.

The young kings greatly increased the popularity of the monarchy over the Commonwealth realms

He said, "There is no doubt that he is much happier and more satisfied now than he has ever been.

"10-20 years ago, I think he was extremely impatient and frustrated by his role, but marrying Camilla has definitely changed him and mellowed him.

"I think he now only accepts that he has to wait until it is and is quite relaxed about it, while before I think he used to find it very frustrating."

Mr Dampier has traveled to more than 50 countries while reporting on Royals and has appeared on the UK and international television.

His latest book, "Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in their own words", was released earlier this year.

Prince Charles clearly thinks of Meghan

Mr Dampier added that the young kings increased the popularity of the monarchy significantly over the Commonwealth realms, which has The Queen as their head of state, and not just the United Kingdom.

He argued: "I believe that with the popularity of the young cones it would not surprise me if the queen dies as Canada and New Zealand actually hold the monarchy.

"I think the monarchy is so popular now and there is so much interest in the younger cones that I can easily see that they would vote to keep them".

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