How Long Will Avengers: Endgame, Marvel's Longest Movie?

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Joe and Anthony Russo has given new clues about the final duration of Avengers: Endgame, and all points to this being the longest movie of Cinema Universe Marvel. & # 39;Endgame"is the latest movie of the saga, and Russo wants to close the big plot of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and company in a big way.

"There is a high probability that this movie will come to about three hours," he said. Joe Russo in statements to empire. Belongs to & # 39;Avengers: Endgame"It took countless theories about the fans of certain unknowns that still have to be resolved in this latest movie." It's a great movie with a lot of history, "the youngest of them Russo.

Video: YouTube, Channel: Marvel Entertainment

One of of theories Who has had the most influence is the one who speculates the possibility of that Captain America, and even Iron Man, die in Endgame. When the journalists asked Russo if they were to wear handkerchiefs on April 26 when they went to watch the movie in cinema, Anthony Russo he recommended ridiculously: "bring one."

Both board members have stated that "Avengers: Endgame& # 39; is the movie they always wanted to do when they agreed to run a project for the first time Avengers. The brothers added that they love Marvel and Joe Russo He noted that they had "an incredible experience with them". "That's why we made four movies in six years with them, they are like a family to us," said the little brother.


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