How it started! Now he is worried about his life

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Ferdi Bozdemir, who lived in Amasya, married in May 2016 with the Iraqi May Hasan Saeed Al-Kılıdar. Along with the gold and money worn after the wedding, there was a debate between Al-Kılıdar and his wife Ferdi Bozdemir, who allegedly deposited their savings at their own expense. The discussions between the couple on the grounds that the woman came home later became larger. On the basis of family discussions, the Iraqi Al-Kashar wanted to leave the house. Gülendam Bozdemir, an Iraqi woman who wanted to get her trappings and some possessions, was attacked by her relatives who came to her house. Iraqi women, 2-year-olds born out of marriage and Bozaltir Bozdemir and jewelry belonged to the city. Bozdemir's family went to the police and complained about what happened. Outside the city, Ferdi Bozdemir was also stunned by what happened and filed for divorce on his wife.


In the case of divorce, the court decided to separate the couple and the parental authority of the child to Ferdi Bozdemir's father. The divorced his wife, deceived him, took the child involved in the disappearance of Ferdi Bozdemir, worried about his son for 18 months that he could not see said. Bozdemir, "I can't see my son's face for 18 months. I'm not the institution I go to, I'm not complaining, there are no authorities yet, and my son's custody has not yet been found. We will reach a conclusion for this problem now, he said.


Yaşar Bozdemir, father of Ferdi Bozdemir, expressed his grandson very much and asked the Iraqi authorities to help them. Yasar Bozdemir, "I could see my grandson for 2 months. I don't call her mother and family." What happens, is it right, or not? I'm curious. Only the governments of the president and our people would like to ask for help.

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