How does Rick die in & # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39 ;? One way or another, it is near the end

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Episode of Sunday of The Walking Dead It was the penultimate exit of Rick Grimes in the AMC series. In the final moments of the episode, while Rick was doing everything possible to #SaveTheBridge and lead not one but two Herds of hikers, their horse got scared and fell on a piece of steel reinforcement that protrudes from the concrete. Rick was impaled on his side, and he fainted. It's, umm, is this? Is that really how Rick dies? The Walking Dead? It's not over until it's over, but things do not look good. It could well be the beginning of the end.

There is a particular type of trust problem that Living Dead the fanatics have cultivated and tended as if it were a stubborn cactus in the seasons. Who can forget the great debacle of "Glenn was under the dumpster all the time" of 2015, or how Negan's first big murder was slower than a lazy zombie? The Walking Dead In the past, string fans, although not directly, tracked them with false clues and mistakes. So, please, do not take this seemingly lethal injury as something more than that. apparent.

There is a high probability that Rick will live, and that next Sunday's episode will be Rick's last because he leaves Alexandria (preferably with Michonne and Judith) forever, or goes back to being in a coma or something like that.

Next, in the promotion of next week's episode, Rick seems to be taking at least a few steps after the injury. It seems that it even reaches Alexandria, unless it is an elaborate dream. There are also many parallels with the pilot, as well as real scenes from the premiere of the series that started it all, including Rick and that white horse.

"It's not over," says Michonne in the episode clip on November 4. "We do not die." Is that a curse, or a promise? Are you talking about reanimated corpses? During their meetings this week, Negan had tried to find out whether or not Michonne was terrified of ending up alone in the new world when she was trying to end her hunger strike, and it would be a shame if she was presaging Rick's presence. death, and testing his theory about Michonne so soon. Do not even begin to think what Rick's death will mean for Negan, if he ever gets out of that cell.

At least Rick and Daryl, the best brothers of all time, had a good talk in their penultimate episode about the future. After helping each other out of a zombie pit for potentially the last time, they decide to separate.

When Rick leaves to save his bridge, Daryl calls him. "Hey," he growls at Rick – making an impression of Bradley Cooper in A star has been born without him knowing it, "be sure." "You too," Rick replied. What if this is the last time you will ever have a "last mutual look"? Do not stop at that, not yet. There is still one more episode for Rick, and anything can happen.

"My guess is that [fans are] I'll think his character has come full circle, "said Norman Reedus in an interview with Deadline about Rick's departure from the series earlier this month.

Whatever you do, do not blame the horse. That is simply bad. Can you imagine being a horse in the zombie apocalypse? How scared must that horse be, like, all the time? Rick Grimes's time The Walking Dead It's coming to an end, but the fans still do not know exactly what that means. If that's how it dies, it's already too late, but when you know this program, there are probably some more twists and turns that are growing around the corner, waiting to be revealed. However, that does not mean it is not the end of an era.


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