How did the Mayor's office prevent the bullfights in Medellin?

adminJanuary 10, 2019

As a "abuse of power", the bullfighters described the intervention of the mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutiérrez, who managed to prevent February bullfights at La Macarena Entertainment Center.

The news was given yesterday by the president through his social networks, and immediately the collective defenders of life and animals thanked the mayor for their support and applauded the decision of the company and the majority shareholder in the square, the Groupe.

"There is no bullfighting time in Medellin", the words Gutiérrez struck off the debate and added that he did not agree with Casa Toreros, the Mexican firm that organized the posters, encouraged the minors' attendance to bullfights allowing free entry.

The Mayor of Medellin, as a minority partner (49%) of La Macarena, was unaware of the negotiations to rent the square. This was confirmed Verónica De Vivero, Secretary General of the municipality.

The administration, like the rest of the city, learned about the bullfighters' posters when they were published on January 5.

De Vivero told EL COLOMBIANO that for this reason on Monday they held a meeting with the D & # 39; Groupe, and in that the mayor showed the disadvantage of reviving the bullfight.

Among the arguments, the administration noted that the city has been leading programs in the country against animal husbandry, which was allowed to end riding under the Feria de las Flores, saving 1,224 animals from the street and killing drivers, between others.

After the call revealed the official, the Groupe decided to reverse its decision and not continue the negotiations, for it was not actually a signed contract but was about to improve.

From the organization AnimaNaturalis, Juan Guillermo Páramo He stated that this decision is a sign that the national press served when the program for the brave party in Medellin was published.

The work does not stop, he said, because they will wait for the next Mayor candidates to include the fight against animal husbandry, and they will do the same for Congress to legislate against bullfighting and other events where it is "disrespectful" to wildlife. "

In contrast, what he thinks is Emiliano Sierra, defender of the bullfighting who belonged to Asotauro, who confirmed that it is regrettable that the mayor has used his position to influence the decision of D & # 39; Groupe not to rent the place to Casa Toreros.

"The Constitutional Court protects us in the presentation of bullfighting shows in cities where they have been traditional and Medellin is one of them," he said.

Alejandro Usma, part of the bullfighting La Puerta de San Juan, revealed that the president of Casa Toreros, Pablo Moreno, I would think of coming to Colombia to evaluate the legal actions that would take place.

Although it was not a signed contract, this newspaper could know that it is a draft containing a penalty clause of 50 legal minimum monthly wages and compensation for damages established between the parties.

However, neither Casa Toreros nor D & # 39; Groupe answered our conversations to know their position in the question: The Mexican company should know the expenses it would have incurred, and the Colombian group to see how they would circumvent the legal situation.

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