How did Silvia Alberto's stomach grow – "The one on the right is only possible because it may have existed"

adminDecember 29, 2018

after Rita Pereira, Ines Heredia and Maya Booth, Silvia Alberto will be the next face known to "feed".

RTP hostess looks forward to the first child's arrival and, already counting down to the big day, marked the eight months of pregnancy with a collection of evolution of the stomach from May to date.

In social networks, Silvia Alberto made a point of remembering the meaning of December 28 and shared with the two consequences of the body where the growth of the stomach is notorious.

The first image was recorded in May under the Eurovision Galaxy. The other was taken in Belvedere near the MAAT Museum in Lisbon.

"Eight months and a whole glamor distinguishes these two bags. The one on the left was taken in May in Eurovision, the one on the right is only possible because it may have existed," tells the legend of joint assembly this Friday, 28 October.

Presenter talks about the baby's father

Discreet about her personal life, Silvia Alberto said that pregnancy is due to a relationship that "has been around for a while".

"The father is not unknown, so much that it is on Wikipedia for everyone to see," he joked. "A person who is not a public figure is not necessarily an unknown father. It is just a person who is not a public figure, who is very discreet, just like me. And good, because I like it that way," he added.

On Wikipedia is the name shown as a spouse of Silvia Alberto Iñigo de Maria-Tomé Pérez.

"It is going very well, we are very happy. It is a desirable and different moment. Things happened naturally and with description, and it is precisely on these two premises that I will continue to follow. Nature dictated that it should be so, and I gladly accepted it, "he said.

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Text: Márcia Alves; Pictures: Reproduction Instagram

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