How did Lady Gaga celebrate her victory at the Golden Globes 2019?

adminJanuary 10, 2019

United States

Even if it took one Golden Globe the two nominations for which he claimed Lady Gaga He did not want to attend the celebration after the awards ceremony last Sunday.

Songs and actress won the Golden Globe for best original song with "Shallow", theme written by the artist for the film A star is bornwhere she was also a leading actress.

Despite the joy she experienced when she received her first Golden Globe, the pop star chose not to attend any of the many fiestas which was planned for after the gala.

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After the awards ceremony, the singer went home quickly to enjoy a well-deserved "cereal bowl" in the company of friends, family and the golden statue that was included in the prize the star has won through his career.

"Nothing like staying with a bowl of cereal and a Golden Globe. The truth is I was happy as a patrol, I love parties, I don't want to deny it, and I think they are wonderful, but it's also very good to use Spend some time with your closest friends and family, talk and reflect on the work, says the artist in the conversation with the portal & # 39; Entertainment Tonight & # 39;

"It's just that without my friends and family I couldn't have accomplished anything I've accomplished so far, I love to enjoy their presence and cultivate the close collaboration we have," she added.

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On the other hand, the diverse practitioner has again stressed how lucky she has been able to "build" a character as remarkable as that of Ally, his role in the renowned film "A star is born", co-starring together Bradley Cooper, which at the same time served as director of production.

"I always wanted to be an actress, and I was very fortunate to be able to build a character like Ally, who is radically opposed to me in many ways, it was a challenge to give her life, shape her and even give her her own sound "Everything has been left and what we have achieved," the singer explained.

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