How a Last Minute Steve Perry Edit changed "Lights" forever

adminDecember 26, 2018

Steve PerryArrival before the release of 1978 eternity permanently changed Travelcareer path for the better. But only after Perry had made a small change to "Lights", one of the album's most famous singles.

"This is a bit of a fun story," Perry uncle Joe Benson said Ultimate Classic Rock Nights radio show ", but I had the song written in Los Angeles almost completely, except the bridge. And it was written about Los Angeles. It was"When the lights go down in the city / And the sun shines on L.A."I didn't like how it sounded at that time."

Perry praised the song, as he said, "Life changed my plans again." He joined Journey in October 1977, singer Robert Fleischman replaces towards the end of the trip. Perry's job requires him to move north to his new band's home, and he was soon inspired to take a different approach to the song.

"I love San Francisco, and I love Bay and the whole thing, and the words" bay "look so good," added Perry. "& # 39;When the lights go down in the city / And the sun shines on the bay, & # 39; you know? It was one of the early mornings that went across the bridge when the sun came up and the lights went down. So it was perfect. "

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