How & # 39; Suspiria & # 39; transformed Tilda Swinton into an 82-year-old man

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Swinton added: "A psychoanalyst, or a psychiatrist with a sense of the unconscious, is someone who knows that in all deception it is an attempt to tell a truth." Noting Klemperer's concern for a spouse he had lost in the war, he said: "Klemperer is inhabited by the ghost of his lost wife: He is, in this crucial aspect, played by a woman. he dictates the rhythm of his life in the everyday texture of his afflicted loneliness. "

And although saying much more would be a spoiler, there is also a third more monstrous character that Swinton plays in the final act, and Guadagnino intentionally conceived these three figures for her. "This is a film that is closely related to psychoanalysis," he said, "and I like to think that only Tilda could play the ego, the superego and the id."

To help Swinton transform into Klemperer, Guadagnino hired Oscar-winning makeup artist Mark Coulier. Although Coulier had previously put Swinton on old age prosthetics for "The Grand Budapest Hotel", and Swinton has played male characters before in the film (especially, in 1992, "Orlando") to do both at the same time it would be a new challenge In fact, the amazing features that have served Swinton well in other transformations did not help at all like Klemperer.

"Although she looks slightly androgynous from the point of view of a fashion model, Tilda has a very feminine bony structure," said Coulier, who swinged Swinton's neck with a prosthesis and jaw opened to make it look heavier and more masculine

The makeup process took up to four hours a day, and Swinton spent more days in heavy makeup for "Suspiria" than for any other project. Still, the actress kept her spirits by asking Coulier to design a different set of prostheses.

"She made us make a penis and balls," Coulier said. "He had a set of very nice and heavy genitals so he could feel it hanging between his legs, and he managed to get out a couple of times." And where are Swinton's superfluous genitals now? "Probably in a box somewhere!" Coulier said cheerfully. "I should try to find it and place it on a plate on the wall of my workshop."


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