HOROSKOP SPIRITUAL 2019. What are the lessons, challenges and benefits for the spirit in 2019 according to each person's characters

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HOROSKOP SPIRITUAL 2019. The year 2019 is a special year from the spiritual point of view. The New Year gives us new opportunities to continue our journey of spirit, either in several goodness states and in the context of divinity, either by experiencing experiences, by taking steps to draw certain consequences for some life lessons that the spirit has chosen to live here. earth.

Earth is like a school. Your spirit chose to join this dimension to learn lessons that he cannot learn quickly in the spirit world. Congratulate yourself on the courage to leave comfort to feel everything with everything and choose to experience the feeling of separation as you look at your things. A certain soul is the one who quickly learns what he experiences. Including joy is a life-reading that a soul can have to live and learn. Life on Earth is constantly challenging, and those who learn quickly discover that they are doing much less difficult. But life also gives rewards to souls, depending on what they have done. And we realize that we are on the right path for the development of our soul through our emotions and body. Good feelings often felt, a body of good health is a sign that the soul is quiet on the path you have on you.

What are the main topics of spiritual lessons, challenges, or rewards that 2019 sends us?


Life topics to be explored by Spirit: cycle, earth, task, completion.
The Favorable Color of Spirit: Magenta.
Places to visit with energy that is beneficial to Spirit: Hawaii, Italy.
Things to learn / practice that flow Spirit: artistic swimming, water skiing, diving.

It is an important spiritual year for Aries that gives special importance to the cycles of its life that must begin, as well as those who must be over. The magic of 2019 gives deep emotional challenges along the way, as well as the rewards you have long been waiting for. Your planet coordinator enters Aries January 1 and includes topics such as initiative, grounding, personal processes for which you need energy and power. You need to have pure faith and feelings to take advantage of this period and not give up priorities no matter what happens along the way.

You must intensively materialize your spiritual visions. But you have to let go of the past to acquire all the energy for the future and to secure your position. Be stable and rational to know your limitations without dangling before the New Year begins. You will get good rewards that come as a result of learning how to manage what you create, but also processes that you can complete in a long time. In July and August you get new faith to guide you in the right direction.

Challenges: It provides calm and constructive conflict to teach you something and stay in touch with your own feelings and hearts before jumping into struggles that aren't really needed. Others are here to enlighten your way and you should not judge them because their pain can limit their vision. Relationship issues are expressed in October, and communication will not be easy unless you put great emphasis on listening, not just talking.

Rewards: You will get new positive beliefs and perspective changes from January and again in August. Traveling will greatly increase your spiritual energy and allow you to see what you have not done before, changing your vision of the world. If you stick to the direction your heart chooses and act on impulses that are authentic, the problems on the road will be much smaller and will look even less, and you will understand the importance of the impact in your life.


Themes of life that will be explored by Spirit: movement, sharing with others, goals, becoming.

The Beneficial Color of Spirit: Green Leek.
Places to visit with energy beneficial to the Spirit: United Arab Emirates, Washington, Croatia.
Things to Learn / Practice the Spirit: Meditation, Connects the Spiritual Spiritual Guides.

2019 is a lot about relationships and romance from a spiritual perspective, and you tend to rush through it as if you wanted to restore the lost time in 2018. Stay realistic and make sure every new contact has the depth and the the emotional potential of yourself go where you want. It will not be easy not to make projections too far in the future, and for the people you have been in for a while, you may not even be aware of what the common future will look like. Find a balance between old and new people in your life and learn to transform yourself with people and actions that open your heart instead of making it a rock.

Be childish, show yourself through bright and positive sides and know your value at every step.

Challenges: You can block in February by trying to do more than support the environment. It is important not to fall into a state of inadequacy or to lower self-esteem on the road. The end of summer can provide some darker moments where the mind must face the heart, and the heart must face the real world you have created. Don't lose the reason for emotions. Let them go out and work as you feel, regardless of environmental response.

Rewards: From the beginning of the year you can reap the fruits of 2018 work. The power of life will be careful with you most of the year, even if you sometimes miss the positive path that lies right in front of your feet. Goals can be achieved and you feel good about them. As long as you respect and appreciate your feelings, all problems will be small enough to be solved easily.


Life topics to be explored by Spirit: language, unity, truth, vision.

The favorable color of Spirit: The blue color of the clear sky
Places to visit with beneficial energy for spirit: Florida, Peru, South Africa

Things to learn / practice that nurture Spirit: a foreign language, painting

The year 2019 gives you the task of linking dualities, oppositions, and working with your internal ability to bring what seems impossible to an interim solution. There can be a lot of excitement, but also many positives and rewarding relationships that expand the horizon and make you happy. You can discover new philosophies, and you can be prepared to give up the fears and cramps that keep you in place even if you thought you did. Mercury retrograde movements will become more intense and have the task of drawing attention to the difficulties you have left buried and unresolved. Be careful not to let go of the wave of unrealistic expectations. See big projects are checked twice. There is a lot to learn, your education requires fresh air. Regardless of age or training, you will feel the need to enroll in new classes or seminars, learn a new foreign language, get out of the ordinary.

Challenges: Apart from retrograde mercury periods requiring attention and depth, difficulties can only arise in June. The end of spring brings energy beyond your control, so avoid dangerous and risky activities. The real challenge can only be at home or in too much space. Meditate, listen to the music that balances you and be delicate so as not to hurt anyone along the way while keeping your own boundaries that keep you safe from others' abuse.

Rewards: The respect that others will show you will melt some ice, and you may be in positions of power and leadership that you have long wanted. Progress is high this fall, including financial opportunities. The greatest gift of 2019, however, consists of close and loving relationships that will give hope and meaning to every aspect of life if you look in the right direction rather than waiting for the impossible that no one can give you.

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