HOROSCOPE with Urania for the week 12-18 January. Aries leaves its problems, Gemini has serious problems closing

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Horoscope. Urania Weather forecast for January 12 – 18, 2019. The famous astrologer presents the predictions of the stars for next week.

HOROSCOP BERBEC In the first part of January 12, moments of calm and comfort inside, escaping stress, leaving the problems that would require native attention and would "charge them negatively." Some will enjoy meditation as a recreational or curative purpose. Between January 12, after at. 10:18 and on the 14th of January, Aries will be in good physical and mental condition, able to undertake personal tasks or activities involving concentration, energy consumption and combination.

Horoscope. Inner dynamics that can motivate them when they take on important life or education projects. Insensitivity of "thriving", of progress. Between January 14, after 20:32 and the beginning of January 17, a desire for material stability, the need to consolidate his current lifestyle through a monetary reserve achieved through goals and economics.

Horoscope Between January 17, after 03:01 and January 18, has a beautiful ability to communicate, discuss in official or public hypostases; the chance to receive useful information. Possible short or long journeys that last only a few days or more in rare cases. For the whole week, natives can receive an offer or benefit from an opportunity to address socio-professional concerns. Interest in study, learning, sophistication, regardless of age. For some, the foreigner can work in greeting. The group of planets remains active on the house of the social role and the rise of rankings that indicate obstacles, at present or older, as a result of educational deficiencies or improper alternatives. Appearance becomes more important for those approaching fifty and sixty years.

HOROSCOP TAUR. In the first part of January 12, pleasant meetings meet with the people near whom the natives feel good and have the same values, concerns and common activities. Between January 12, after at. 10:18 and in the evening of January 14, characterized by possible internal anxiety, stress, nervousness, insomnia, brain disorders, dysfunction of organ physiology located in the head's anatomical area. Insomnia caused by agitation over the day or the development of personal problems.

Horoscope Bulls can crawl when they are able to make a decision that violates their beliefs or hopes. Older people can fight the "ghosts of the past". Less logical temperamental impulses. Between January 14, after 20:32 & # 39; and the beginning of January 17, a more temperate period of challenges and physical demands. The Bulls will be able to analyze, with more calmness than other times, the necessary solutions and lifestyles. Stiffness in the key attachments where they have built a path to life and can only give up the prize for leaving those activities, features or public posts.

Horoscope Young people will consolidate their personal status, the mature will seek stability in major life diseases. Between January 17, after 03:01 and January 18, money speaks, suggestions, and attempts to improve the financial situation; news, information, financial advice. The two benefits will work for the Taurus on the house's house and material aids or personal support through measures taken by foreign persons or representatives from some institutions.

HOROSCOP GEMENI. At the beginning of January 12, pleasant moments related to professional activity, the way Gemini performs his public duties, especially if it is in the middle, will also be a function: praise, sympathy, trust. The young people will be enthusiastic and hopeful on the basis of a valuable development. Between January 12, after at. 10:18 and on January 14, relationship with friends and occasional acquaintances will not always satisfy the natives who will be contradicted and who will be forced to give them a categorical response or retaliation quite brutal.

Horoscope Discomfort and irritation caused by the way they speak or handle. Active, energetic engagement and joint projects that require and eat their time. Between January 14, after 20:32 and the beginning of January 17, boredom and abandonment of current activities, on the principle of "let them wait". Wanting isolation from the challenges of active life, but also lack of energy and motivation, sometimes generated by efforts in recent times.

Horoscope Between January 17, after 3:01 and January 18, astral painting changed: more joviality, accessibility for dialogue and communication. The twins come back, showing the pleasant, cheerful and quiet side of their nature. Throughout the week, the two benefits will create rooms for helpful meetings, contract negotiations or reconciliation attempts. Favorable moments for anyone who has ongoing trials or is involved in surveys; You will first look at normality, legality, justice that operates on their side. Dynamics, honesty and ability to capitalize on opportunities or properly understand the meaning of events.

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