HOROSCOPE with Urania for the entire week of December 28, 2018

adminDecember 28, 2018

Horoscope. Forecast Urania for the entire period December 29, 2018 – January 4, 2019. Mars enters the zodiac sign of Aries.

HOROSCOPE Aries Between December 29 and December 31 at dawn, collaborative challenges will force the natives to make a diplomatic, polite, and capable effort. Between December 31, 03:23 and January 2, 2019 in the morning, worry about a potential gain or money that Aries sees threatened by improper maneuvers by someone who is also hunting for the same prize.

Horoscope. March 1, 2019, Mars enters the zodiac on Aries and Home, and will provide native energy, determination, ambition, courage, and ability to respond quickly, to mobilize momentarily to the next to solve the problems they face everyday. Meanwhile, they can make them more decisive and even more difficult in partner relationships in mid-February due to a strong tendency to manifest their personality, desires, interests or vision of marriage, marital affairs, business, enmity, and so on.

Horoscope Between January 2, after at. 10:59 pm and on the evening of January 4, dialogues are principally (legal, moral, legal, official, administrative) to facilitate a professional, educational approach. Sometimes, in this game of hope and intentions, foreigners can play an interesting or self-determining role. Phase of some crystallization in consciousness or inner creed.

Horoscope From January 4, after 8:55 pm, focus on career, socio-professional climb or awareness of milestones to be solved or overcome to achieve their goal. A period that in the coming days will have a special resonance, among tensions and bottlenecks that can get in the way of young (still) young people and who will emphasize their limits on training or (not) fitness to the realities they face (lack on experience, necessary schooling, maturity, etc.).

HOROSCOP Taurus Between December 29 to December 31 at dawn, a comfortable stage of health through the ability to balance fairly quickly, especially if, due to excessive (work, household work), they will feel tired. Between December 31, 03:23 and January 2, 2019, in the morning, some partner relationships will unfold: marriage will be jealousy and individualism, and in business relationships, selfish or inadequate tendencies to someone trying to take advantage of them. Less time for meetings to establish cooperation to discuss the terms of a partnership or to enter into a contract after accepting the stipulated terms. A delicate development for those who are faced with a legal / procedural hypostasis through the versatility of deposits and bad faith of some involved (witnesses, experts, interveners and even lawyers).

Horoscope. March 1, 2019, Mars enters the Aries zodiac sign, but will carry out a "hidden" sector of his astral map, thus failing to show his full potential by mid-February. In general, Mars will highlight the conflicting states consumed within them, or the pervasive diseases that can now show signs of deterioration or manifest disorder and annoyance. A period in which many of the unspoken dissatisfaction that is under control appears.

Between January 2, after at. 10:59 pm and on the evening of January 4, connections and opportunities that will enable them to clarify, at least from a legal point of view, a question of inheritance that allows the indivisibility, sharing. From January 4, after 20:55, a powerful internal mechanism of professional personal awareness and ambition. Possible strong attachments after final clarification.

HOROSCOP Gemeni Between 29 December and 31 December at dawn, a pleasant and pleasant time without exhausting demands. Gemini will tend to temper, not to exaggerate with involvement in boring activities, although it is partying, prefer rest, agitation and noise. Some people will go to cultural activities that will give them spiritual satisfaction and intellectual satisfaction. Between 31 December, after 03:23 and 2 January 2019, in the morning, short-term shortcomings are associated with the job.

Possible colds (sinusitis), sinusitis, infections. March 1, 2019, Mars enters the Aries zodiac and will mark, by mid-February 2019, the friendship or concern sector that involves involvement and cooperation between one or more acquaintances. Natives can be invited to participate in organized groups (associations, foundations, committees, clubs) to promote a goal (ideal, premise, program). Between January 2, after at. 10:59 and on the evening of January 4, have important dialogues in marriage, business, contract or process. Essentially, the context is favorable and will allow Gemini a proper legal, legal and moral approach.

Horoscope Young people can decide on the marriage, which they will do shortly, or that they will consider as possible in the year 2019. From January 4, after 20:55, new new bottlenecks and difficulties with material support, legal support with or without money support. The most affected will be the heirs and parcels. In the middle of this date, the most important reasons lie ahead, which, if they have not identified them so far, can see them at this time as they will emerge with the power of undeniable evidence.

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