Horoscope. What men want from women according to the zodiac

adminDecember 29, 2018

Horoscope. Every man wants something from his beloved person and that something is given by the zodiac he is in. And what men want from women according to the zodiac.

Horoscope. ram

Aries man appreciates a very wide range of women. But those who go to his heart are those with a personality who knows how to turn over and have a courage and adventure spirit that can be compared to his.

Horoscope. bull

For the Taurus man, physical beauty is very important. And that means shapes and curves, it doesn't measure 0. She likes sensual women who love physical pleasure. The ragged or pudding intellectuals leave it cold.

Horoscope. Gemini

No matter how beautiful, no woman conquers the heart of a Gemini man if he does not fascinate the mind first. Intelligence, humor and an interesting conversation are on their list of interests. And she must "play" and give up hard …

Horoscope. cancer

He is attracted to women who give a sense of stability, affection and mother's love. A woman who is too playful or too spiritual makes him disgust. He must feel that he can trust it, and still in the long run.

Horoscope. Leo

A woman who polarizes the surrounding, elegant and special attention immediately comes to her eyes. At the same time, it must be very feminine, which gives mildness and freshness. To be proud of, but still not to obscure.

Horoscope. Virgin

He notices the details that other men ignore. She appreciates a woman who manages to be elegant without overwhelming luxury. It removes the women who spend their money and who, of course, portray their physical qualities or permanent bags.

Horoscope. balance

He sees beauty in almost all women, but the one he wants to take home must be an adventure between the fairies. She appreciates feminine delicacy and gentleness and will quickly return to a male or vulgar woman.

Horoscope. scorpion

Scorpio experiences everything about women. But in order to truly associate with one, it must give it the feeling of innocence, emotional stability, and affection, no matter what.

Horoscope. piercing

She does not like the women who bind him, he squeezes like a liane to the neck and limits his freedom. He appreciates a woman's independence from him, a sense of humor and a certain franchise, without overviews and allusions.

Horoscope. Capricorn

Appreciate the aristocratic air of "lady". An impressive resume and some notorious relatives are still much in his eyes. Although people like it, the style of the party goes home with a serious and quiet one.

Horoscope. Aquarius

You never know what Aquarius most appreciates, but intelligence, some altruism and the feeling of "woman on her feet" is to her liking. Mental compatibility is more important than physical.

Horoscope. fish

The woman who fascinates a native Pisces is a paradox: at the same time strong, independent and stable without the fluctuations he suffers, but also sensuous, sensual and loving. And rather quiet than excessive talkative, writes cereschoroscop.com.

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