Horoscope on November 29, 2018

adminNovember 29, 2018


Around you, we focus on detail and you will feel that you do not move forward and waste your time. More important details than you think! They are sometimes crucial, they are the small lines we do not read in a contract or a word that is said in a conversation and which you do not take into account while it may change everything … Also, the little grain of sand which, if You do not remove it because you do not see it causing the machine to seize.


Moon and Mars are your best friends, do not hesitate to promote one of your projects, even if it seems a bit too daring, you have the resource. You are very well supported by people who believe in you (1st Dean in particular) and by Saturn who comfort you and emphasize your trust. But avoid being unsure of yourself if you make a presentation, the interviewer will have a very critical look.


Meeting at the summit between Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. Born at the beginning of the sign, someone might like you or make you an important suggestion. A priori. Because unfortunately, plans are still (slightly) in dissonance with Mars, and that you are dealing with people who could have thrown you a challenge that you do not think could increase. And if you make a meeting, you may not be in a gender equality relationship with that person.


Apart from the third dean we talked about yesterday, your business is going well, native to June. You have courage, willingness to sell and a good intuition. Do not hesitate to say or say what comes to mind, or at least send signals to understand what you think. Even if you intend to criticize other people's comments! It will be constructive and it will earn something you can be sure!


Planettrioen in Sagittarius is in harmony with you and shines the spotlight on the 1st dean, except that a detail hiding in the background irritates you. Finally, it is not completely detailed since it is a matter of trust or a cash flow issue. You can have an important project, which will improve your image, but you may need to invest money. It is worth thinking about what it works.


You will also be in detail, but you will be correct because we may have accused you of any 1st dean, but it does not hold you in reality. You are deeply affected by what you experience as an attack, and in fact it is. And you do not see how to defend yourself, except by going to a lawyer or someone who wants to speak for you and take your interests to the heart. It seems that it's the best thing to do.


The beautiful trio of planets in Sagittarius, active since the beginning of the week, is cake for the 1st dean. A job requires effort, but you succeed. What you've done goes and goes full speed, and although Mars is still a little dissonant with these planets and you've discovered an obstacle, it does not matter. Besides, Mars moves away and does not return, so it's possible that the current obstacle lies behind you. You can speed up.


Born in early November, you earned a small reward. It may be offered to you in a few days. Your planet, Mars, is in harmony with you and has the power to speed up. Or rather, it's you who want to make sure it does not go on because you want to be voluntary, firm and firm. But you also have the opportunity to set you forward, to shine and to impress others with your creativity (to Saturday).


If you do not want to go all the way and go for nothing, make a plan for your day and do things after each other. Dispersion is often one of your problems, like Gemini and neighbor Steinbukken, it's hard to focus on one thing at a time. These are the external requests that you do not know how to protect yourself that confuses you, and this will be the case today for November.


A good day for you, at least 1 decan. Confidence will win since you get an important file, just the one you wanted. But you will have fought to obtain it, as indicated by the dissonance between Jupiter and Mars; It's over and Mars activates all your exchanges when it does not dynamize them! You will actually have a sudden need for frankness or to say what goes through your head!


One day taken off your head, you will fix on a detail, a payment for example that was not done with a good date, but that will be it anyway. In fact, you will have nerves and you must use them on something; You are easily anxious at the moment (especially the 1st Dean) and especially because you fear that a project is not done or that it does not work as you have planned. Perhaps you spend money in there?


You will be dissatisfied, irritable and wear out claws in the slightest remark if you are in February. Relationship with a parent puts your nerves on edge and you respond badly to ranting. Instead of keeping calm and meeting a firm and firm face, you respond emotionally and carry you away. Even worse, you do not say anything, but everything happens inside and it appears on your face. Besides, it hurts you!

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