Horoscope for today, January 11, 2019

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Today's thought:

"Like almost everyone who uses email, I get a lot of spam every day."

Bill Gates

By Dr. Aurora

Aries March 22-April 21


Your face reflects the tensions you've lived these days, trying to change your image, it's time to change your haircut, if you can let your beard grow, if you're a woman, try some makeup, it's important to get a new look, well maintained and enviable. Your face is the first impression people take, so it's best to take care of it. Contact a specialist.

Taurus April 22-May 21


It is a treasure hidden in your work, which when you discover it will lead you directly to success, but you still don't feel like a fish in the water where you work because you still have to study your company goals and above all , discover who is the one who really sends, it's usually not the one who sounds or promotes, but who decides where the checklist is used. Search and you will find.

Gemini May 22 – July 21


Nothing more selfish than a love that begins, you feel so uncertain that you end up singing "I'm jealous of the thought that makes you remember the beloved person". But the love without the past happens only for fourteen years. Then you must say like Arjona: "If the past taught you to kiss like that, blessed be the one who was ahead of me" and remember that "If others have been your school, I will finish with you when you bring your bed in your heart ".

Cancer June 22 – July 21


Your troubled heart will only read poems, the danger of a relationship that must be in the shade, will not let you sleep. Remember that everything that is hidden often is dangerous or bad, but there are still romantic people who think it is great to suffer and cry in silence for love. They do not understand that good love needs to show joy and tenderness. The ways of the heart are usually complicated, hopefully they will lead you to happiness, but without so many tears and snow.

Leo July 22 – August 21


Someone will convince you to make a decision you do not agree with. Take care of yourself because it is no more dangerous than letting your ears "warm up". There are many subtle ways to change a person, and we are all weak. If you make a strange suggestion, don't throw it in a broken bag, take the bull by the horns and decide. If you don't like it, run away. Bad advice can make your life bitter, you decide, not others.

Virgo 22 August – 21 September


It's too much scrolling, scrolling, browsing the environment, many stupid words, and that makes you desperate. Forget the words and start analyzing people for their actions. Look at how the place has work and you want to know a lot about a person. Do you have pictures? Do you collect dolls? Do you keep an almanac of scarce women in a discreet place? Actions are worth more than words. You are a person with few words and lots of action.

LiBruntil 22 September – 21 October


So much stiffness in some aspects starts to annoy them around you, one thing is discipline and another imposes the criteria in an authoritarian way. Democracy begins at home, allowing your family to postpone their views, sometimes saying the easiest thing that highlights the decision. The same should be the case at work and even at neighborhood meetings. Let the rigor for the dead, for it off rigor mortis. Avoid staying stiff.

Scorpio October 22 – November 21


You will forget the moments you lived for a new illusion, come into your life, think before you make decisions because you place shadows in your relationship, and the darkness diminishes the brightness of your relationship. Every time someone falls in love or starts a new scene, underestimates the previous one, until a good day begins to say that all the time was better. If in doubt, turn on the lights better and try to transform what you already have.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21


You love to see life in different shades of gray, you are a "dependent" lover, time has come to take sides and decide which side you are on, the third way is usually diluted in the moment of truth, and warm attitudes or Indecisions do not like people. You know it well with the principles and values ​​not negotiated, but we are in relativity and everything has softened, better said, cracked.

Capricorn December 22 – January 21


You have to endure speeches that politicians can become a real torture. They abuse the patience of others and are disturbed when they hear their own voice. You should remember that in your hands the future is for many. As the Bible says in the proverbs: · Never answer foolish according to his folly, So you also don't like him. "But they appear every time you turn on the television.

Aquarium 22 January-22 February


You don't know you're hurting more, fraud or being the last to find out. It takes a lot of courage and also a good dose of selfishness for the person you love to confess that your heart and your dreams are on the other side. It even botheres at work, how many are those who once trained and trained to offer their services to the first to offer a few dollars more. Nothing is eternal or no one is eternal, if you love someone, let them go.

The fish February 22 – March 21


Other springs come to your life, but you will never forget that the love that made you lose your head and if you want to go back to the past, remember that the days go by and everything changes, you will have illusions and goodbye, because after each Our spring comes a summer, and the worst thing is that after the fall it's only winter again, and then you just want the memories of the intense love, like the first.


AS DAY AS DAY, el January 11th 1838

Samuel Morse performs the first public demonstration of the electric telegraph.

American artist who invented the first effective electromagnetic telegraph system (Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1791 – New York, 1872). He graduated from Yale University in 1810 and was oriented towards painting, setting up his studio in New York; His most famous painting is a portrait of La Fayette he painted in 1825.

As a professor of art from the University of New York, he came into contact with experts in electromagnetism, who brought him up to date on state-of-the-art. In 1837 he achieved a partner who provided him with technical and financial assistance in developing a telegraph system to send messages in a code with points and stripes of his invention (the Morse alphabet).

In 1835 he had built the first telegraph prototype, and in 1838 he had created the code that would allow messages to be taken, later known as the alphabet or Morse code, composed of dots and stripes.

For the next five years, Morse used to show his telegraph to businessmen and the congressional committee, hoping to raise funds that would allow him to conduct remote messaging transfer between two cities using a cable. . Finally, in 1843, the US Congress awarded him $ 30,000 to build a 60-kilometer telegraph line that would connect the cities of Baltimore and Washington. In May 1844, the first electromagnetic telegraph line was ready for the test.

In 1843 he received the patent and the North American Congress approved the construction of an experimental line between Washington and Baltimore. The success achieved in the first test in 1844 gave way to the extension of the telegraph as a means of communication worldwide, making Morse rich and famous. He spent the rest of his life financing cultural and charitable works while defending himself in the controversy over the perception of his father.

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