Horoscope for Sunday, with Camelia Patrascanu. Crabs attach great importance to relationships, Scorpions dream of money with the family

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Horoscope. Astrologer Camelia Patrascanu presented to the Antena 3 horoscope for Sunday. There is a week of important events for some of the signs.

HOROSCOPE Aries. They have wonderful days being inspired to their plans. They are very ambitious, it is good to avoid contact with negative people.

HOROSCOP Taurus. They also have big plans to put on paper. It is proposed to cooperate with the foreigners they take into account. It would be better not to let people scare who can make them change.

HOROSCOP Gemeni. They have the opportunity to check who they can trust. They will then see what their impact on others is.

HOROSCOP Rac. A week that emphasizes the relationship between couples, and those who are alone, is more ready to find a partner.

HOROSCOP LEU. They also have a beginning of the year when many plans, especially professionals, come to the fore. He tries to make his life more organized.

HOROSCOP Virgo. They have a very good start. They have many things to do and have to be creative.

HOROSCOP Balance. One week started very well. They have a lot to play and a lot to tell, they want to extend their holidays.

HOROSCOP Scorpion. They think of money and comment on the family. It's a plan period for them yet.

HOROSCOP Sagittarius. It is a beginning of the week under signs of communication. They have many questions to answer.

HOROSCOP Capricorn. I'm starting to think of money or professional events. They want more peace and health this year.

HOROSCOP Aquarius. They have a good week, they are inspiring and intuitive. They want big things and have every chance to impress.

HOROSKOP Fish. He needs to recharge the batteries. They need more rest.

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