Horoscope for Friday 28th. December 2018

adminDecember 29, 2018


Wake up your creative side and start thinking about the opportunity to make extra money with some of your skills. Some will surprise you in the business. If you have a partner, trust her and don't give room to gossip. Your color will be military green and your number will be 16.


No one will be near you if you spend your time complaining day and night. Stop having self-pity and restore the security and motivation that characterizes you. You will not find the strength you need, either in your family or in your friends. This time it will be up to you to prove that you can move on.


Stop believing that the world is going to offer you the big suggestion right around the corner; If you want opportunities, go out and look for them. In love and money, you struggle to achieve them. Don't neglect your emotional part. The reality suddenly comes to show your sincere side.


You will arouse passions wherever you go, but you can't help but keep thinking about minor issues. Forget these worries for a moment and enjoy the good times that present themselves. If you have a partner, do something wrong with the person you both say that you love and with whom you have not shared something interesting for a while.

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Immediately to risk everything in love. Dare to suggest the person that you like something different and risky. Explore the part of you that is attracted to adventure and break with the routine that destroys love. The relationship with your friends will also need a new direction. Your color will be purple and your number will be 20.


All the work you have done to achieve your dreams begins to be rewarded. Stick to your intentions and not stop. Misunderstanding of new friendships, they come only of interest. In love, you should not be afraid to express your opinion. You will see that instead of contempt you will gain understanding.


Something does not stop to convince you in a person who has just become part of the life of someone you want. Trust is something that has sometimes been achieved over time, and you should not comment on heart issues. Do your best to stay on the sidelines. Bad time for investment.


An extra income comes to your family, but beware of the expectations generated about that surprise, and above all, don't go to sin of greed. Think carefully about what to invest in the money and not advance unnecessary expenses, the best thing is that you act with caution or less than you think you will be left with nothing. Your color will be seawater.


It's the ideal time to carry out an activity that takes you away from the laziness and laziness that has invaded you for weeks. The sad and boring character you have is because of the lack of initiative. Go out and restore your life. Leo's strength will radiate energy to you, allowing you to achieve everything you intend to do.


Someone you know will move away from you and it will awaken new ideas that you had forgotten. Ask everything you need to know and get advice before you go on a trip on your doorstep. Happiness is on your side. Take good care of your family because there are threats from others that can be against you.


Remember that love does not only appear with gifts or material things, but also to feed on small daily details and good deeds of love, which ultimately matters. Treat stress and appreciate the friendships that never fail you. Some gastrointestinal problems will occur, so take care of what you eat.


You will feel that you need a certain person, but in reality it is not so. Look around and value what you have. Allow yourself a whim for yourself and restore self-love. Try not to overlook your studies or work, and you will see that independence will drive your life forward.

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