HOROSCOPE for December 31st

adminDecember 31, 2018

Horoscope. Astrologer Camelia Patrascanu presented at the Antena 3 horoscope for the week of 31 December – 6 January.

HOROSCOP BERBEC: Aries goes very well the following year, depending on the convenience and service of others. But as of January 1, Mars will sign and easily make you feel special on Thursday and Friday when you have ideas and can plan what they will do next year.

HOROSCOP TAUR: Taurus emphasizes the relationship at the beginning of the year, and it would be good to harmonize with everyone and not pass in 2019 with madness or anger. Maybe a mail, a letter, a phone, before it ends in 2018, would help.

HOROSCOP GEMENI: They have all kinds of things to do even on the last day of the year. They also think about their health, so they will not exaggerate anything on New Year's Eve. However, it would be better for them to act moderately.

HOROSCOP RAC: They are full of good thoughts, on Monday and Tuesday in particular, so the transition to the New Year is under signs of passion and love. But they are also keen to satisfy their small lungs.

HOROSCOP LEU: The new week gives them a lot of convenience and concentration on their needs. So, in the family, where they seem to spend, they will be hired. So on the following days, January 2nd and 3rd, fun for them continues – New Year's Eve seems very cheerful and full of energy.

FECIOUS HOROSCOPE: Virgins are in good shape. It is months to run or meet people with whom they need to exchange a word, but they are in good shape. Then New Year's Eve is very happy. They may have some knowledge that may prove useful later.

HOROSKOPBALANS: They think of money, even at the end of the year, of how they invest energy, time and activities. They do not want to be tired too much, so they will do everything with a lot of finances, including financial.

HOROSCOP SCORPION: They have the moon in their zodiac on New Year's Eve, so they are inspired, intuitive, know where to sit, how to talk and it brings friends or just make them more popular.

HOROSCOP SAGES: Attention to health! With no New Year's attention is especially drawn to them. The Moon in Scorpio can scrape some older weaknesses. But in the coming days, January 3, they are lucky to impress others.

HOROSCOP CAPRICORNI: They have a New Year's Eve between friends, they want fun, it's better not to overdo anything. Someone who is alone can make very interesting New Year's knowledge.

HOROSCOP VRSIRTOR: Aquarius is very good New Year's Eve, spends as they please, it is important to feel that they have control and power over the environment, companion. Some may want to be alone at home, others where they go, observe things, and impose somehow.

HOROSCOPE FISHING: They are thinking of spending time on the road, or if they live in the city or near their home, they travel mentally, they plan, they make their dreams, maybe even fantasies that are not necessarily very good – they must come back with the feet on the ground, that in the coming days they have career problems, so good suggestions knock on the door.

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