Horoscope December 26th. Camelia Patrascanu: The sign that reaches where she has never been

adminDecember 26, 2018

Horoscope December 26th. Camelia Patrascanu presented the Antena 3 forecasts for each of the signs to December 26.


They can get some news, or they have some special, funny quizzes, and they will make everyone feel angry.


Worried about at home and at home. There are surprises: an unexpected guest.


Meetings with people they have not met for a long time, but also interesting discussions, news or advice.


They have some surprises from a friend who either gives them a word or wakes up at the door. They take advantage of this surprise.


I make surprises to those around. I am in very good shape. They have mood swings.


He looks at the others to feel good. They always have a timely solution and store small situations that are created.


Looking to friends, especially at the beginning of the day. It is possible for someone to come up with an original proposal to get where they have never been.


They want to keep things in check and take place according to their desires. Everyone likes them.


They do not want to be disciplined by others. They are not so traditional, they use the way they want.


Today they love more love and passion. Desires and passions are very strong, especially erotic.


Close relationships. I am with the people I love and have an inspired word to say. In the evenings they can meet friends


Attention to health. They take care of them, take care of them.

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