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adminDecember 31, 2018


Now fast! Do everything you want to do today. Then you might like to get into your favorite chair. Tomorrow, the moon, Venus Mars, will be at a party. Dance in New Year!


They are powerful. But the impression is deceptive. Because you have the feeling that everything is too much for you. The reason: Your claim to always be fun. Lower the bar! Allow yourself a relaxing New Year's Eve on Sunday.


The moon, Venus and Mars are burdened with their aura. You do something important today, and then we begin! No matter which party you go to tomorrow: It is celebrated very well. People like to be near you.


You can get into your social network today and plan something fun for the evening. By the way, they also have great flirting opportunities. Tomorrow you can think of your goals for the New Year: you will probably think of a lot.


Today, something is coming in again, which you had already completed. This was inevitable despite careful planning. A first-class invitation or interesting contact brings tomorrow to your social life.


You want to delegate annoying tasks to others. Well, that's not possible! That's why you should go fast – and then enjoy New Year's Eve. Please relax tomorrow!


Don't be so stressed, everything goes like clockwork. And if you can take advantage of the moon's power tomorrow, it'll be fun again. Also nice: your favorite person will surprise you with a compelling evidence of love.


In fact, it's going well, but that's what seduces you into love. Be sure to stick to a family deal today. You can disappoint someone very much. Even in love, the signs are stormy. But a compromise can prevent a dispute tomorrow.


Yes, today you must realize that the one who says A should also say B. Do what you promised today. Feelgood-Time is announced on Sunday. It doesn't matter if you are celebrating alone with your favorite person, or if you're on the go in a big round: It's a relaxed slide!


You feel limited, deprived of your freedom. Today it only takes a little small thing and you go up like a rocket. Therefore, be aware of avoiding irritation problems – and show a little more understanding in the family.


Before you turn a new hill, get rid of a few stumbles today – that match with a friend. Even in love there is something good in the air. What begins the memory tomorrow can soon become very sensual.


Look forward to the new year! Everything gets easier, a touch more exciting, and you can already adapt to a few personal successes. Celebrate it right.

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