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adminDecember 30, 2018

Ready to know everything that will roll in early 2019?

Masumi Suginoshita


December 30, 2018, 9:46 am – Posted on December 30, 2018, 9:45 am


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Congratulations New Year! Ariana, this year is yours, you already know, right? Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, has just come to your character, adding more strength and energy to rock you into life. The courage to venture also comes to the mountains. Prioritize what is important and go with determination!


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Planets in Capricorn help the taurine feel safe, even on days when nothing is set. If the business is a bit dishearted, maybe it's time to drop a little, see? Releasing is not giving up, it is simply focusing the energies on something more productive at the moment.


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Do you feel it? It is the wave of change that comes to you! The year already begins with the Moon in Scorpio and tells you to surrender and release everything for life to roll. Turn and pipe for fear appears, but don't let it stop you from doing what you think this year, okay?


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The year already begins as intense as a 2018 version "B". A TOE! It's okay that this time you're already easier and already understood how to dance in this song, right? Raise your hands, focus on what's important to you, take a step aside and play against and attitude. Repeat. 😛


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This new year has already begun to be intense and full of excitement as Mars entered the Aries, helping you with a lot of courage and energy to make it happen. If you just woke up and haven't felt it yet, wait a few days and you'll see!


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New Year begins on the right foot because there is much planet in Capricorn that gives you the feeling of being convinced to go against everything you decide on. Have patience and courage so you can do it!


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2019 ma started, but the stars already show: it's time to start running! Strength, focus and determination will be your most important allies to take your course from now on. Is it cold in the stomach? Of course! Can you handle the message? Absolutely!



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Scorpians begin the year with a soft heart, hypersensitive and with an intensity that can only be felt, cannot explain. This is a great time to make more serious, long-term decisions.



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Congratulations New Year, Sagittarius! This year everything has to be super-inspiring and traveling. When it comes to travel, it seems that you travel a lot, even if it is in your dreams for the future. Hehe. Enjoy that your mindset is too fast to write down your wishes for 2019!



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2019 starts with Mars in Aries, and that means it's time to move, Capricorn. The year has barely begun, but it's already come! Enjoy that planets in the sign help people trade in Capricorn traits: discipline, focus and patience.



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2019 arrives already accelerating together with the entry of Mars in Aries as early as the first day of the year. For you, this is good, because it is as if life began to gain more speed and agitation. Maybe you're not with all this pique today, and prefer to stay more in yours. It is okay. It is the moon that goes through Scorpio. Soon this feeling is gone!



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The New Year will ask for a slightly more direct attitude, and you may even have to think a little more about yourself because Mars left your sign and wrote Aries on the first day of the year. But you can rest easily, you have some time to do this. Today it is a day to enjoy the good chillax!

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