HOROSCOP URANIA to near New Year. Aries is routinely captured, Gemini has emotional stability

adminDecember 26, 2018

Horoscope Forecasts from Urania for the entire period 26-28. December 2018. The sun enters Capricorn, full moon in cancer.


Between December 26, after 19:50 and December 28, routine activities, current professional concerns. Discrete Digestive Disorders: Some of the body may show reaction to denying food, and therefore requires diet or measurement and caution before culinary temptations. The mental state will be good, and many people may find peace, sleep or sleep that has been disturbed in the past.


Between December 26, after 19:50 and December 28, emotional stability, sentimental temperament. The need for parents to be principled in their relationship with children, an attempt to order and introduce fair educational criteria. Spiritual correspondence and harmonious relationship with friends for whom they have sympathy, admiration or trust, and with whom they seek to achieve a generous, philanthropic, cultural, Christian, religious project.


Between December 26, after 19:50 and December 28, domestic, organizational, current trends. The Jupiter / Mercur couple in Partner Relations will work well and will allow discussion in principle or be used for the text of a document (action, contract) to sign, and whose terms and conditions must accept to engage the native in a joint activity . Good course for the development of processes or disputes based on revealing the truth, on the right attitude of those responsible for making decisions.

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