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Horoscope Mariana Cojocaru for December 29 – January 4, 2018. The New Year provides complete achievements – complete predictions for Kfetele.ro.

Horoscope Mariana Cojocaru Aries – Your Martian astral cartridge is in connection with Kiron in Pisces in the following week, generally, not personal astrogram. As Kiron is the lesson in life, it is clear that you have to be sober when you shop. Invest in health because Kiron is a healing centaur. With Venus in Scorpio you will receive the gifts of the soul. That the souls do not sleep, they are in the phase.

Horoscope Mariana Cojocaru Taurus – For you, Venus of Scorpio is a fan of alliances, partnerships and partnerships. The Marte-Kiron conjuncture gives you back in the relationship with true, soul-friendly friends. You need help. It's a shoulder that you can put your head on when you need it. Because … friend (s) in need are known! Health is very important, so avoid cold drinks and excess cold.

Horoscope Mariana Cojocaru Gemeni – Mercury from Sagittarius is squared with Kiron-Marte tandem in Pisces and warns you about the tours. Danger of accidents and incidents. The truly Christian Christians can be avoided by accident. Avoid controversy and do not put your nose where you do not cook. Venus in Scorpio indicates that you can fall in love with someone at work. The point is, what is the wave going through.

Horoscope Mariana Cojocaru cancer – The white moon is in Libra. That's why the family is very important, but you need to be careful not to take possession of your loved ones. These things are severely punished. If not in this life in the future. And in this sign are two-way men: first and second. Some are good as hot bread, others can be sexually obsessed or manic. Since everything is genetically transmitted, it is clear that it must be understood.

Horoscope Mariana Cojocaru Leo – With the white moon in balance, the house makes the moon. That's what Santa Gerila comes to and you sneak at night. Imagination is the most beautiful gift of stars from God, and you must remember what I am telling you. How it harmoniously blends with creativity and patience … everything leads to holiness. Don't be selfish, gifted from the dish with dishes and goers. Maybe there is someone who wants more!

Horoscope Mariana Cojocaru Virgo – Mars and Kiron of the Opposite Sign – Pisces – can put the knives on the table. Beware of attacks, conflicts and conflicts. Bury them! It is not a time frame that is favorable to fighting. The following week is good to dedicate to your choices made. Therefore, it is good to cook, because Mars is the owner of knives and sharp objects. Be careful not to fry your fingers in the kitchen.

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