HOROSCOP loves for the week 7-13 January 2019. The weather finally comes out of the routine

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Love horoscope. Here is the horoscope January 7-13, 2019, a week rich in astral events. But perhaps the most important thing about love is the entrance to Venus, the planet of relationships, love and beauty in the expansive Sagittarius.

If you are alone, focus on the book of sincerity. It will have maximum effect. If you're involved in a relationship, it's time to inspire new life. Travel together, join a course together or start a physical activity together. Find what you find fun and adventurous to do together! Venus in Sagittarius is located after the adventure and for new romantic horizons to explore.

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Horoscope Love Aries

If you are involved in a few relationships, some changes will be made to improve your privacy. If you are alone, it will not change for a long time. An unexpected meeting will take you out of the routine. Make smart moves and rely on sincerity.

Horoscope Love Taurus

There may be tension and irritation in the torque ratio. The excitement and anxiety that is gathered in everyday life shadows your intimate life. You tend to blame your partner and he responds. He is acting with caution and does not charge. The water will clear up towards the end of the week. If you are alone, take the first step towards the person you are interested in.

Horoscope Love Gemini

You should consider changing the attitude of your partner. Try to be more positive, more loving, more communicative, and less critical to him. It needs more attention from you and more value. If you are alone, the stars are favorable so you come out more often in the world. You can easily conquer now. Read the continuation of TIPS. ONE

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