HOROSCOP 2019 with astrologer Mariana Cojocaru. Year with many changes for most zodiac signs! Bulls are not at all stable, fish have some amazing events

adminJanuary 9, 2019

HOROSKOP 2019. astrologer Mariana Cojocaru presented astrological predictions for each zodiac in 2019 in the "Subjective" show. An extreme year and many changes for most zodiac signs.

HOROSCOP 2019. Aries

2019 is secondarily affected by the Cancer Capricorn axis. Secondary is weather and balance. On his natal chart, by March 7, Uranus will be in Aries and will make an interesting appearance with the other planets. Until March 7, they must review their actions over the last 7 years, what they did and did not do well, they must be cautious when Uranus goes to Taurus to think of new sources of income, new Opportunities, new threads, are not allowed to cry because Uranus is a powerful planet. So what keeps the desire to do something new, unusual, to put it in value will lead them to a new route. It's an exciting year. When we say good for the ambitious, open, glitter genius.

HOROSCOP 2019. Taurus

As of March 7, he enjoys the presence of Uranus, who will stand for 7 years for years to oppose Scorpio planets during the year, to pay attention to marital relationships, Taurus that is incompatible or affiliated, alliances not exactly stable. Those who have chosen well can rely on their partners, the people around. It is an exciting year for those who want a new love in their lives, conditions that can arise, interesting relationships between Taurus and Aquarius.

HOROSCOP 2019. Twin

The opposition that forms with Jupiter from Sagittarius is Gemini who wants half luck, and Gemini who can have luck blocked. Beware of bottlenecks, drawbacks, tensions that can arise in the finance area, traders who can win, others can lose, to the sentimental side, in the sense that someone can be more aware of working conditions, to the professions that I choose them. If you don't do what you like, you just have to cry about what's happening to you.

HOROSCOP 2019. Rac

They are directly concerned with the eclipses in 2019, with decisive moments with the eclipse of Capricorn on January 5-6, the eclipse of January 21, another eclipse that borders on Aquarius and Capricorn, July 16, which will be at Cancer's home. and the solar eclipse on December 26, may have a cumpan, some may even complete their land mass, Raci who can divorce, others may marry who they are. Cancer has a complicated year, and only the lucky ones can enjoy promotions, spectacular ascent, they can do as many of the things they were not in, are now in a different order.

HOROSKOP 2019. Leu

They have problems related to job change, others have to be careful about how to get the job done. The time axis will be in houses VI and XII, health, chronic diseases, enmity, envy. You must be careful. Workplace changes are important, and anyone who wants to change needs to benefit from it. If there are tensions in the workplace and things happen that are not okay, they wonder why they came into this situation.

HOROSKOP 2019. Virgin

Suppression of 3 C: faith, faith and knowledge. It is a double sign, and when we talk about them, we must understand that the opposite sign is Neptune, being a planet of faith Virgo must have a special opening for knowledge, it is said to be intelligent, but not to be critical. Don't be too critical. If we look at the destiny, the open companions, important collaborations, they can enlarge the circle of friends, they can travel, they are beneficial for the tours, the attention can be a year of amantloks, attention to challenges, aspects that remember. The black moon in Capricorn, betrayal.

HOROSKOP 2019. balance

It is secondary to the eclipse in 2019. We are talking about a balance between career and family life. Affected may be balances that have not solved their health problems, debt, financial debt, credits, must take into account the balance between career and privacy. In such a year there may be balances that find half, can discuss all sorts of things, both sentimental and social. It is air-separated, but a structure that sits, balanced, and one that has its savings in Aries, aggressive, sharp, can break in such a year.

HOROSKOP 2019. scorpion

They have two major opponents at the beginning of the year, White Moon and Venus are in Scorpio, but they are opposed to Pluto and Uranus. Those who know they are deep, not attacking, will have a good 2019, those prominent who create laziness that provoke will not have a good year. The latter will be on an incompatible structure with Sagittarius natives. Venus in Scoropin and Jupiter in Sagittarius. From a health point of view, they must be cautious about their health, but because of the opposition, some may have health problems.

HOROSKOP 2019. piercing

He has a Jupiter who opposes Jupiter in Gemini on the general astro program, he must think of having limited luck, schizotimism will not create luck, cyclothymics can be affected, attention to terrestrial justice and divine justice. Jupiter is the planet of justice, but also with the divine. Use bow and arrow, the Lord comes and breaks your bow and throws the gun. There are many shooters who come in combinations, they are busy, and when they enter into sentimental conditions, they must think not to hurt others.

HOROSKOP 2019. Capricorn

There are some very sit with a good Saturn structure, very wise. When we talk about Capricon in 2019, because we are talking about a negative karma, someone will be tough, unforgiving. The wise, who have a positive nature, know what true beliefs they know to be sheltered, will not have a difficult year, on the contrary. Superficial people who have turned off or have not had an organized career may suffer in 2019.

HOROSKOP 2019. Aquarius

They will be in 2019, Lilith will be in the first half of 2019. It is said to provide extra charm and beauty, there are two variations of interpretation: if Eve is the white moon, Lilith is Black Moon. In paradise, Adam had Lilith. For the two sinned, she made another woman from the coast, Eva. There are two variants: Someone who is not very seated, loyal, who does not know what sophistication means, is the Aquarius who has conjugation and wants to benefit from the divine wealth. Some will be protected by this divine fortune, others will fly from flower to flower. The protection they want through the angels, what is the whole structure that exists in the church. Faith gives us a clear aura.

HOROSKOP 2019. fish

They are supported for a year. If we are talking about such a Cancer-Bump, they may have all sorts of interesting events. In the sense that they can go through all sorts of conditions, emotions, they are different from person to person, one who climbs, another who falls down, when talking about a positive fish, the sextile structure that Fiskens sun's sun does with Negative karma From Capricorn can clean up friends' agenda. Others can feel sentimental, they can think of everything about intuition, creativity, beauty, they can do much better. In such a year, if the fish meet with the golden fish to send it to us all.

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