HOROSCOP 2019. The forecasts for the runes with Mihai Voropchievici. The fish has an incredible year, Virgins is characterized by the truths that come out

adminDecember 31, 2018

Horoscope. The numerologist Mihai Voropchievici presented in the show "The Truthful Truths" from Antena 3, the horoscope for the 2019 runes. Learn the lucky characters in the New Year and not have a good start.

Horoscope. ram

It is a year of many great changes, and these changes can come or come from one day to the next. It is a year where Aries must be well rooted, well trained and eared. Because these things that come upon them must not pass. It is a kind of opportunism and Aries knows how to plant exactly where there are opportunities, but next year is a year of many opportunities, and all of these changes are amazing to be beneficial, they are great. Changes come from all sides. A year of great changes for Berbeci.

Horoscope. bull

For Taurus, who is more modest, quieter and more peaceful then next year, he will tend to force his chance, good luck to wish perhaps faster, because it was a heavier year in 2018, more difficult with much trouble, many times And now the rune recommends them to show more patience next year because all the good things and the pleasant surprises come to people who know how to wait. In other words, the slow party. Hurry up and be patient, for all things come, but not when you want, at that moment. It's not good because you can harm your balance from the universe. They come just when they need it.

Horoscope. Gemini

It is a particularly favorable year, with many options, but two of the basic options for next year, and here I will have a lot of work and only a few of them are met. Move out of the house, build a house. They are those who live in a larger family, along with their parents or parents. It's the year when they can buy a home, but the same is the year when I can choose a better job change, because the options will be wonderful for many years, and how they are very good in communication will excel in communicating, seeking something Attract, be in their field. A very beneficial change of service, but it is a double sign, and the rune's statement is still double: You will act very favorably in one of the two situations you want at your fingertips. Or move out of the house or change service. If the exchange service is more advantageous than the larger part, then it is double. Because you have more money you can buy a home much faster.

Horoscope. cancer

The whole year is waiting for some changes, some very interesting things, and they come up regularly. It is a year for Cracs with changes in all areas. The tip is: Be prepared to face these changes and take those that are more beneficial and reinforce them.

Horoscope. Leo

It is a wonderful year to win in consolidating its position. And in the community, both in the family, at home and at work. It has to be divided in four directions, to get all the possibilities ready. Because at work, a new offer can come, find a new partnership, something better. In the family it is possible to multiply the family, to have grandchildren or children or to pray for age for each one. But in society, first the lion knows how to shine. And he is told that this year you have to worry about your person, look better, be good and go where you are.

Horoscope. Virgin

It is the year that all the truths he has omitted, he concealed, came upon them. A multitude of truths that are often remarkable. It will mark their lives if they have made any mistakes, and now some truths come out, the worse are in the bookmarks. If they are favorable and kept in anticipation, they come with favorable changes. I can switch from two points of view: It's a year of plus and minus for Virgins.

Horoscope. balance

It is announced next year that it is a year of travel. They want to walk around and find everything. What do you find on a trip? And spiritual food, but you are just as interested in finding cooperation from all points of view and financially, and these tours bring benefits to all balances. So the condition is not to isolate yourself, stay in the house, keep in touch with others. It is a year of communication for everyone because you are also good communicators, but taking care of many of the Balances that travel outside can create a love affair that can later materialize, as it is written in Leo, in a successful marriage. If you don't want marriage, in a year or three, it's a flirting, a passionate love, an attempt.

Horoscope. scorpion

He must mobilize all his powers to maintain all the time, it is a year of struggle, that is, much work, he must act from all points of view to solve everything he needs. The tips are not to try to create disputes, to stand on the head because all things are incredibly easy to solve. Divine protection is upon them.

Horoscope. piercing

Part of them, a year of intimate balance, they are with them, with God from their souls, with their thoughts, a place they retreat and will analyze, knowing all they did, all they did wrong and according to how to shop They have a good advisor and help. The Divine Force is throughout 2019, along with Sagittarius, guiding its steps and helping them solve all these problems. Because he will be more prominent, even if he has these problems, he will want to solve them, but only in the way he knows it.

Horoscope. Capricorn

They have a harder year, at least the first half. They still remain on this effect the previous year and will still not. Have they been employed and how do we find a good year and I have to fly? He must do more work, strength, strength, and strength, for he must first and foremost make a change in his soul, in them, in their conduct, in their character in order to obtain the beneficial things. And it will be very difficult, they will have tense states many times, and it is good not to disturb a Capricorn, then you will be upset afterwards.

Horoscope. Aquarius

They have a year of intense communication, messages, writings, there is a time when those who are Aquarius are also working on this medium, writing, everything that is audiovisual. They are going to be in focus, they come with news and stories, receive messages as well, so it's a disturbing and strenuous year for Aquarius.

Horoscope. fish

They go into a year of total benefits they are loved, they are the favorites of the runes. Why? Because good news comes on them, gifts, money. They have not had so many years Fish so good in the year. All with luck.

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