Horia Brenciu has four children, but only one is biological: "Our destiny"

adminDecember 27, 2018

Horia Brenciu and Alice Dumitrescu have lived a beautiful love story for over eight years. Together they have a beautiful family, and the artist is a convinced family. Horia Brenciu has four children, but only one is biological.

The singer has a large family, even though he only has a biological child, loves everyone alike and is proud of everything. Horia Brenciu and Alice Dumitrescu have been together for eight years and have built a lot together. The two are the parents of three girls and a boy. Horia Brenciu and Alice Dumitrescu have just Mina, a 6 year old girl together. The artist's wife also has two girls from previous marriage. Andreea is Alice's daughter in a relationship with college, and Maria came to the world after Alice's relationship with a guild colleague.

Horia Brenciu has always wanted to have a big family, and he thinks that destiny is created. The artist is very busy and appreciates the time he spends with his children. Although not all children are biological, Horia Brenciu has always said he has three girls and one boy. Horia Brenciu and Alice Dumitrescu adopted a boy named Thomas and the whole process lasted for over three years.

"I also think our destiny was created. I think my destiny was like my 46 year old to enjoy this family: my three daughters and my boyfriend, along with my wife. I still believe the future is open to all kinds of events. When anytime a child, girl or boy would be welcome in my family, I would have many heirs, enjoy them and even make excursions, or meet at Easter or Christmas, to celebrate with them. Even with someone in a house, maybe things go, time would be harder. At the moment I can't wait to embrace my wife because we don't have time otherwise. That's an interesting thing. said Horia Brenciu.

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