Hollywood Star Gifts: Jennifer Lawrence Gives Christmas Angel

adminDecember 26, 2018

113944660.jpg "src =" https://apps-cloud.n-tv.de/img/20788328-1545849751000/16-9/750/113944660.jpg "/></source></source></picture><figcaption><p class=Lawrence presents sick children.

picture alliance / dpa

Who doesn't want to get a Christmas visit from actor Jennifer Lawrence? Children in a hospital in Kentucky are experiencing a true Hollywood star to touch. This is where Miss Lawrence gets warm.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence takes on the role of a real Christmas angel for Christmas. In any case, it may have felt some sick children she has visited in the US state of Kentucky.

For the world-famous actress, surprising visits to his home already have a tradition. This year she stopped at Norton Children's Hospital and got the little patients to light. The Hollywood star used to be down to earth as usual.

Children's Hospital shared many photos on Facebook with Jennifer Lawrence. This shows that the 28-year-old has visited a demand department and the intensive care unit. Of course, the actress did not come empty-handed, but had a Christmas present in her luggage.

For the present, she was supported by "Toys for Tots", a program from the United States Marine Corps Reserve. "Toys for Tots" distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford gifts for Christmas. On the Facebook photos, a whole wagonload is full of toys to watch. Well, Merry Christmas!

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