Hollywood dear. A famous actor who has made sensitivity in gangster movies has died – news from sources

adminDecember 28, 2018

Actor Frank Adonis, whose career includes roles in "Good Girls" and "Furious Taurus / Raging Bull," died at age 83, according to Variety.

His wife, Denise, told TMZ that Adonis was in Las Vegas when he died, death was due to kidney problems.

Known better for playing Antony Stabile in the 1990's "Good Guys" by Martin Scorsese, he also appeared in "The Furious Taurus" and "Casino" in 1995, directed by the same filmmaker.

Throughout his career, the Adonis star had 40 films, most of which were in gangsters, including "Find Me Guilty", "Mafioso: The Father, Son", "Mob Queen", and in episodes in the "Law & Order" series, "The Equalizer "and" The Sopranos ". He also appeared in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective", "True Romance" and "Wall Street".

Sometimes he credited with the birth name, Frank Scioscia, he also played in the "Spike of Bensonhurst", "Eyes of Laura Mars" and "Bad Lieutenant".

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Adonis directed "One Deadley Road" (1998) and wrote the script "The Woods Have Eyes" (2007).

"He was a wonderful father and an extraordinary man, helping his friends as he could, a great writer, director and actor." He was my best friend, "said Adonis widow of TMZ.

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