Holly Willoughby is grueling I'm a celebrity form revealed as she adjusts the routine

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Holly Willoughby is used to getting up early for her hosting job this morning – but working with me is a celebrity … Get me out of here! The schedule is a completely different story.

Brisbane, Australia, where the ITV show is based, is 10 hours in front of the UK, which means that when it floats here at 9 pm, it's only 7 o'clock for Holly, her co-worker Dec Donnelly, and the player and crew.

Holly is used to getting very little sleep and still working, as apparently the time she came to This Morning, still drunk after one night at the National Television Awards.

But now she has to go to bed with her three little children.

Holly's days begin very early

Here's a look at the kind of schedule Holly is sticking to these days …

Holly's alarm clock starts to ring 2 o'clock and she rolls out of bed at her plush hotel before driving 70 miles into the jungle in a black out Range Rover.

It is said that she spends the time to check the emails and go over the lines and production notes.

Sometimes something like sharing an article with a friend can mean a lot …

There are many things that consist of being a good friend – checking in with someone, asking how they are, sending them something they might like, buying them a boat … (OK, maybe not the last one).

Small movements can mean a lot for people who can go through a tough time.

The mirror works with Dave and CALM – The campaign against living miserable – saying "be the friend you want".

Ok, you can keep rolling now.

Dec and Holly arrive at 3 o'clock and see immediately the best of the clips of the last 24 hours with showwriters Mark Cowley and Andy Milligan, who have already worked on a rough draft of the script and some of the hilarious gags show around midnight.

It is said that she also has a quick consultation with the stylist Angie Smith to decide what to wear on the show and take into account the varying weather conditions.

She meets Dec at 3 o'clock to look over the cliffs

At 5 o'clock, the gang makes a complete rehearsal of the show on the set so that they finally get tailored to the sketches and the script.

After that it's under an hour until the show goes live so they eat something and have a make-up and Holly gets dressed on the show.

The gang is preparing to go to the country at 7.00.

After their show finishes at 8 o'clock, Holly leads to Extra Camp set with Dec to do some more movies with Scarlett Moffatt, Joel Dommett and Joe Swash.

At around 8.30 pm Holly and Dec attend the celebrations participating in the Bushtucker test today and the film's efforts, but of course we do not see it until next night's broadcast.

Then at 10.30, Holly meets December and producers for a post-show debriefing and a completion of the next Bushtucker trial before they end at 11.00.

She tries to enjoy some downtime as well

The blonde beauty tends to return to its base to check in with husband Dan Baldwin and their children, Chester, Harry and Belle before heading out to have lunch while the kids finish their supervisor.

When the school is finished at 15, Holly can visit the beach with the kids before some retail therapy or maybe a massage.

At 17:00, The Sun reports that Holly has a few drinks at the boutique bar Halycon House, before FaceTiming her cat Bluebell.

Then at 6 pm it's time to take a bath and go to bed to get ready to do everything again the following day.

Filming the Bushtucker samples is a major part of her daily routine

Our source Down Under says, "The days of Holly have changed dramatically since the weekend when the children came. Before she went to dinner with Dec and his wife Ali in the evenings, concentrating almost exclusively at work, she has relaxed lately few days and now the family has time in the afternoon. "

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