Holiday photo disrupts many people as soon as they discover a detail – do you see it too?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

An apparently normal vacation photo from the beach "Maya Bay" in Thailand is currently causing quite a stir – upon closer inspection. Do you know why?

Young men and women on white sand in front of turquoise sea on the beach "Maya Bay" in Thailand: What at first glance looks like a normal holiday photo turns out to be a pretty strange scene after a closer look.

Who gets the best picture on the dream beach?

If you look no further, you see: It is no regular holiday motif to recognize in the picture. Rather, it shows how far the influence of existence has come. The picture shows young women standing in front of the sea to look their best in their photos.

This is exactly where the lady's friends come in: Instagram boyfriendsto be exact. That there are several of them – almost exclusively on this beach – was noted by one of them, who wrote a picture of the slightly disturbing scene on the Reddit portal.

"I stood there and closed Picture of my girlfriend in the seaso I realized that all other Instagram friends did the same, "Lewy-G rewrote the photo some time ago.

I was taken photo of my boyfriend in the ocean, so everyone realized Instagram's girlfriend. from r / fun

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When you realize that, you probably must smileit Shake your head or his astonishment express in another way: The women not only swim here, they present themselves from their best side, very strained, of course. After all, each will be the most beautiful, dust the most enjoyable and positive comments on Instagram. And of course it takes the perfect shot. And a willing Instagram girlfriend,

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Is the holiday picture a fake?

Rumor has it, but it can also be a photo montage. For example, a user under the picture writes on Reddit: "I was there and can confirm it this image is false, Chinese tourists are missing, breaking corals to take home while pushing everyone else away with their elbows. "

Whether or not this comment is to be taken seriously or not: The apparent author of the image has not taken a position on this hope.

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