His wife Demdem appears in a bikini

adminNovember 29, 2018

Mum with four children, Maitre's wife Gims does not hesitate to share her dream life on social networks. Between Paris and Marrakech, the young woman describes her daily life with clichés in an idyllic setting. Followed by more than 198,000 followers on Instagram, Demdem decided to post a video that will make you forget about the winter for a little while.

Under a floating and colorful bathrobe, Demdem lets us subtly discover her nice curves and two-piece dress with a golden skin and a wide smile. The video was loved by more than 23,000 people in just 1 day.

On this sunny day, Demdem also shared a picture of the famous Master Gims, who played ball with lion's money and another picture of their daughter taken from behind who eats a giraffe.

Generous in pictures, we expect to see her next pictures, unlike her husband, is more discreet. In a documentary dedicated to the singer "Master Gims, Open Heart" sent March on March at W9, Demdem confirmed on her character and husband's husband: "Someone does not work much I'm quite the opposite, I'm very expressive person The funny thing is that in the studio or on stage it's completely the opposite and I'm in public I'm completely shy. We complete each other. "

Caliente Demdem!

Elise Kalala.

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