His wife Angela Wepper died suddenly

adminJanuary 11, 2019

A month ago, a life-saving operation for Angela Wepper was reported. Now wife of actor Fritz Wepper is dead.

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Anita Wepper, the son-in-law of Fritz and Angela Wepper, confirmed in the magazine "Bunte" that the wife of Um Himmels Willen star died early on Friday morning. At the age of 76 she suffered from cerebral haemorrhage after being admitted to a hospital for actually less dramatic health problems.

In early December, it was reported that Angela Wepper narrowed away from red death. "My carotid artery was 99.9 percent and I lived with Damocles & # 39; sword above me," she explains "the photo." "It was close to 12. I could have had a stroke anytime."

"I don't want a bustle anymore"

She underwent surgery, but at the time of the interview she had not felt completely healthy and had a swollen neck. "I do not want more bustle and no more red carpets, I am now getting home at Lake Tegernsee for Christmas," she said. She was especially looking forward to her five grandchildren, whom she would look at Christmas. "That's what I live for, they are the great result of my life and give me so much." And now this sad news.

Angela and Fritz Wepper were married since 1979, they have a daughter: Sophie Wepper, who was also known as an actress. A few years ago, there was a marriage crisis between Fritz and Angela, but the couple were able to get back together.

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