His new lover is linked to a personality of dancing with the stars (pictures)

adminNovember 30, 2018

Shy's got a friend! The young man is no stranger to the show Dance with the stars as she is part of the jury. He is part of the family of one of the 11 stars in this season.

But which star group? Tanel Derard, the new guy from Shy, is none other than Lio's nephew! This is the 27 year old son of Helena Noguerra. He is also a musician, model and actor in his spare time, in The beautiful person together with Léa Seydoux.


She wanted to play low profile

", says a source nearby. The singer had to be objective against the benefits of Lio, not beneficial because she was actually the aunt of «Alliance».

She adds: "

He is a handsome tattooed brown, artist, male, but with a feminine side, all she likes continues the same source. Shy is a real romantic, when she falls in love, she is fully engaged. And that is obviously the case


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