His fiancé gave the execution to run before he killed!

adminDecember 28, 2018

It was a woman murder on the morning of Tuesday, December 18, in Muratpaşa, Antalya. Nuri Karaata, who works in an international cargo ship with Simge Yıldız, worked in a private hospital, was engaged in May. Due to unknown reasons, the couple were interrupted separately. On the day of the event, Nuri Karaata Icon took Yıldız with an ADS 338 source tag. Because two-part "separation" in the car began to argue. Icon Yıldız, who came down on Nuri Katara's car stop, started running on the street.


According to the news in DHA, Karaata, who took the shotgun from his luggage to his car, turned four shots on Yıldız. Icon Yildiz, who fell to the ground in blood, lost his life. Nuri Karaata put his life to life by shooting a rifle with a syringe on his head.

While the funerals of Simge Yıldız and Nuri Karaata were buried by their families, various claims were made about why the murder was committed. The young woman's close friends at work suggested that Nuri Karaata wanted to make peace with Simge Yıldız and that she was constantly threatened with death. Kerata's relatives claimed that the murder was committed for other reasons.

"BABA, I can't go to icon"

Ibrahim Karaata, who lives in Adana, said that the son's grief over the murder was indefinite. Karaata, his son was met on the Internet last year with Icon Stars and said that friendships developed over time. Karaata, the icon of the university in 2017, reading, and his son on the ships working on high wages provided they live.

Ibrahim Karaate, claiming that his son pays the credit to Simge Yildiz and constantly sends money to the young woman, "We hired Simge with his son in May 2018. Then Nuri returned to the ship and started working. He met the blocks of symbols, and that there is a reason, just didn't want to talk, he said.


Despite the introduction of his mother's star in the young woman who claimed to speak to her son who claimed Abraham Karaata, he said of the situation of Nuri Karaata, Karaata, who did not leave the house, said: "One day when my son goes out, He sees a man with the icon in the mall in the city center, and when he sees Nuri, he comes closer to Nuri and laughs, and when Nuri came home, she told me this and said she was very upset, even though I did not advise him , "Dad, I can't forget it. Let, look at me, I got angry. They overwhelmed me, Dad said, "he said.

"Immediately married wedding"

Expressing the Nuri's murder is not the one expressing Ibrahim Karaata, their child without mother, and so far that no one has hurt it. Regarding that Nuri Karaata has always spoken to his cousins ​​about his dream, İbrahim Karaatürk believed that his son is planning to establish a family and become good with Simge and start working on a small business.


On the other hand, Nuri Karaata, Icon Yıldız, to collect to collect marriage expenses of the bank sent out 45 thousand TL. After the separation of the couple, Nuri Karaata, on November 1 through a notary public through the lawyer by sending a termination and desist, the symbol wanted to return to the stars to deposit money; The young woman's notary, however, sent the answer: "I have no debt to you. I have the money you have from me. 7000 TL I did the cost of the engagement, you are in debt to me" learned learned. Karaata started the execution process on it.

Ibrahim Karaata, his son is a supporter of the 2nd directorate, said the case was underway. If the family will be collected from the family if the payment is not going to touch penny Ibrahim Karaate, "I will donate all the money to a charity on behalf of my son's son.


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