his behavior that annoys queen elisabeth ii

adminNovember 28, 2018

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While Meghan Markle seems quite calm in her new duchess role, since her marriage with Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II is shocked by her diva behavior. This is what comes from the documentary "Amazon Prime, William & Kate".

According to The Travel, Queen Elizabeth loves the values ​​of Kate's middle class. In fact, as mentioned in the Express UK report, the queen likes the fact that Kate is close to her family. This is not the case with the former actor Suits: Progressive Lawyer, which is the core of hard-family disorder for several weeks, and criticized in the media by her father Thomas Markle and his half-sister Samantha.

In this report, Queen Elizabeth II, according to the journalist, is somewhat annoyed by the attitude of Meghan Markle during his official releases. "Kate never tried to draw attention to himself. It's nothing brilliant or spectacular" unveiled Ashley Pearson for whom Queen Elizabeth II would be closer to Kate Middleton than Meghan Markle would ever be: "Kate keeps her line all the time, it's something the queen wanted Lady Diana to do, but it did not happen".

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