Heritage of Johnny Hallyday: Another important step on Tuesday

adminNovember 26, 2018


New stage in the fight for the success of Johnny Hallyday: Justis sees Paris in Paris on the request for freezing of a portion of royalties associated with the songs of the singer, the last posthumous, has gone more than a million copies.

Laura Smet and David Hallyday require suspension of the payment of 75% of the proceeds from the sale of their father's records now paid to their widow, Laeticia.

The two elders have already received another procedure freezing royalties – the proceeds that come from the diffusion of the singer's titles – and the French characteristics of the music.

This new request specifically concerns the post-humourous album, "My Country is Love," which has lasted over a million copies in recent weeks.

Three record companies – Warner, Universal and Sony – are concerned with the hearing Tuesday morning before the judge of urgent (referenced) urgency by the High Court (TGI) in Paris, at the end of which decision will be made conscious.

Elder Hallyday contests the father's will, which left all his fortune to his last wife, Laeticia, and their two daughters, Jade and Joy.

The controversial testament to the star, which died in December 2017, involves the establishment in California of a "trust" – a legal structure that allows grouping of assets – called "JPS Trust" (for Jean-Philippe Smet).

Bank of America, chairman of this structure, formally asked a court in Los Angeles in July to transfer part of the American legacy to rocker: royalties, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and luxury cars.

It is in response to this request that the elders have engaged in the September procedure to block royalties, said a source near the file, which said that the amount of 75% was the proportion to be returned to four children by the singer if French law was applied – the spouse was given 25%.

The 51st entry to rocker set the record for the best launch of the music history in France with 780177 physical copies sold in a week.

The commercialization of this album was once made uncertain by another lawsuit by Laura Smet and David Hallyday. They demanded the right to inspection, eventually denied in April by the courts.

On the basis of the case, the trial of the legacy is likely to broaden: The Nanterre court must first decide whether it is well-qualified lawyers of Laeticia who estimate that it can not decide for a resident's success in the United States. The hearing is scheduled for March 22.

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