Here's why Celine Dion is accused of "Satanism"

adminNovember 30, 2018


The star has just launched a brand of children's clothes. Its speciality? She wants to be ungendered. Who is not so happy for everyone.

The singer collaborated with Nununu children's clothing brand and created Celinununu, a special collection where the clothes are designed for both boys and girls.

In an interview, she explains that during her first visit to Disneyland with her sons, she only had princesses and Minnie, and had no interest in super heroes. "No problem" for Céline that requires "breaking standards" with this non-gender collection.

And that does not all speak!

As reported by HuffPost, a lender told Catholic Catholic National Catholic magazine that he was "convinced that this" gender "relationship is demoniacal, it is undoubtedly satanic, it is a spirit behind it, superior and organized."

"Relax! Relax! I'm Céline Dion!", Answer, in advertising for this collection, the Canadian star of the police who will put her under lock and key. Will she answer the same to this priest?

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