Here is the houseboat of "Berlin – day and night"

adminDecember 28, 2018

In the TV series "Berlin – Day and Night" it gets hot in the worst sense of the word. The famous houseboat catches fire, the spectacular photos are exclusively available to

Photo series with 10 pictures

In the episode Friday 28th. December 2018 burns "Berlin – Tag & Nacht" -Hausboten, anchor on Friedrichshainer Spreeufer, brightly. The story of the fire is mainly about the protagonist Schmidti.

And this is the background to the spectacular scenes: Sabrina is shocked to find out that the hostel guest Schmidti and she secretly filmed during sex. The video turns out, to the irritation of Sabrina on the Internet. She locates the guest and causes him to remove video from the web. She feels betrayed by Schmidti, who knew about the movie.

But the new hotel owner has very different concerns. When he prepares to go to work, he notices a smell of smoke on the houseboat. When he tries to find the cause of the fire, he is unintentionally locked. While Sabrina and Birdy are panicking from the boat, Schmidti sits in a death trap.

The whole story is at 19.05 in "Berlin – Day & Night" on RTL II.

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