Here is the film by Vic Mensa & # 39; s Diss towards the attempt at the BET Hip Hop Awards

adminOctober 17, 2018

The number of the 2018 Hip Hop Awards by Vic Mensa generated a lot of controversy long before it was aired.

Shortly after the recording of this month's ceremony, the Chicago rapper received a great reaction for showing up to sign up for the Late XXXTentation. Those who attended the event claimed that the Mensa key included references to "X", as well as a not-so-subtle line: "Only the time you carry weapons is in a wife beater, loser / your favorite rapper is a domestic abuser "

The public was finally able to see Mensa's code appearance during the awards ceremony that aired on Tuesday night at BET. And, yes, it seems that Vino was criticizing the XXXTentación.

The story of violent crimes of XXX Temptation is undeniable. The rapper faced increasing legal problems over the years, including accusations of domestic abuse related to his ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala. Those charges were eventually dropped in early August, less than two months after XXXTentacion was killed in South Florida.

Many people criticized Mensa for mentioning the accusations of XXX Temptation in the key, not only because the rapper's death was so recent, but because his mother, Cleopatra Bernard, was present. Mensa addressed the controversy through Instagram last week.

"I vehemently reject the tendency in hip-hop to abuse the defenders, and I will not contain my language about it," he explains. "I do not care if they attract attention, I care about calling attention and holding people accountable for their actions."

You can see Mensa's free style in the video above. He also tackles his theme with 6ix9ine: "Name a single song by Vic Mensa […] We all know that you will not live that long / not respect (bleep) posthumously. "

Shortly after insulting Mensa through social media, 6ix9ine appeared in Power 105. The show of angie martinez, where he challenged the relevance of the rapper.

"I can not name a song if someone has a gun in my head right now," said the artist "Fefe." "Who is he? Is he even respected? Who knows him? Does he have a Billboard success? Then why are you joining me? […] Vic Mensa, this is for you: nobody knows you. Like, nobody. We're at a radio station, probably the hottest radio station in New York. Nobody knows you I'm not being bad; Literally ask everyone. I gave you a good opportunity. "

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