Here is the complete and confusing saga of Ariana Grande and the separation of Pete Davidson

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It was only last month that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were kicking him in his $ 16 million apartment surrounded by bean bags, little pigs, and exactly zero forks. Now, however, both TMZ Y People they report that the couple has separated after five months of courtship and four months of being engaged. However, before starting to listen to "Pete Davidson" by repeating the mourning, remember that Grande and Davidson have not confirmed this news yet; they may still be together and have had a little discussion about lollipops or something. Maybe Grande wanted Davidson to dye his hair to turn brown and he said: "No, this platinum look is illuminated,"and that caused a brief tiff, we do not know! All we know is that the rumors of rupture are spinning.

But it is a confusing timeline. According to reports, Grande and Davidson were as recent as Saturday (October 13), which makes this news even more alarming. How did this couple gallop to furniture stores with fancy sweatpants to separate in such a short span? God is a woman, and she is as perplexed as we are. This is what we know so far:

September 29: Grande attends the premiere of Saturday night live. She was posting Instagram Stories behind the scenes, according to Vanity Fair, and acting in a very similar way to how she still dug Davidson and his fondness for the word sick.

October 9: Davidson covers one of his Big tattoos. Specifically, the "Dangerous Woman" bunny he had inked behind her ear. It seems that he had a heart drawn on it instead, which is just a bit ironic.

October 13: Grande is seen behind the stage in Saturday night live again. By Daily mail, They seemed so "in love".

October 14: News is broken Grande and Davidson have separated. Davidson erases his Instagram, which is not so surprising because it's more hot and cold With that of what I am with my gym membership. According to People, those who were close to Grande saw the division coming and considered their relationship "too soon". TMZ notes that the death of Grande's ex-boyfriend Mac Miller It could have been a "turning point". We weekly, However, he maintains that the two simply canceled their commitment and are still resolving things.

October 15th: In an attempt to deviate that only the nerds of the theater and gay men will appreciate, Grande publishes about his participation in the Evil Special of the fifteenth anniversary: ​​its first publication on social networks since the rumors of rupture began.

And that's all for now, people. However, knowing Grande and Davidson is only a matter of time before we receive another update, most likely in all lowercase letters.

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