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adminJanuary 7, 2019

The Korean youtube Leonardo generated social networking controversy for the video he uploaded to his Kalle Karaoke channel where he toured the Sambil shopping center in Caracas and confirms that "that's all" without taking into account the serious economic crisis that the country is facing.

"And they said that in Venezuela there is no money, but look at the mall full of people who buy (…) I am surprised because they told me there is nothing here, but here it is," said Korean man the shops shown by the center are commercial.

The visit to youtuber was held during the holiday and criticized people saying it was not Christmas spirit. Then he showed the decorations that El Sambil placed in his rooms.

"Here's the money to buy as well," the young man repeated as he said there was a queue to go into one of the stores.

After the trip, the youtube would eat pizza, in front of the place he complained that he didn't offer mushrooms, ham, bacon and other ingredients. After two hours they took him the food.

"If you are hungry in Venezuela, you have to be very patient to eat," he concluded.

For the comments generated on your YouTube channel and social networking, Korean made some clarifications on the video saying "he didn't intend to offend anyone."

The young man said he intended to make his followers laugh and apologized to those who felt insulted.

"I don't want them to think I'm someone who came to criticize," he said, "I am not Venezuelan, what I'm saying is not worth it because I don't vote."

Kalle Karaoke is a competition that youtuber Leonardo performs where people sing in front of an expert jury to win prizes in dollars.

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