During his visit to the White House Oval Office, Kanye West told President Donald Trump that his friends tried to scare him by wearing his Make America Great Again hat.

Kanye West took his bromance with President Donald Trump to another level.

The rapper, who has become one of Trump's most high-profile celebrity followers, visited the White House on Thursday, where his scheduled lunch with President, Jared Kushner and Ivanka, Kid Rock and the Hall's runner Fame Jim Brown gave way to a snaking 10 minute Monologue.

During the lengthy discussion, West dropped an F-bomb ("Beep as you wish to do it and have a five-second delay," he warned reporters), explaining why he mocked former President George W. Bush as racist while he defended Trump ("he was in a victim mentality") and announced that he had been wrongly diagnosed with bipolar disorder when in fact he was only deprived of sleep.

Here is the full transcript of your meeting scheduled for lunch, as arranged by the White House Press Office.

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Rapper Kanye West speaks during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House with President Donald Trump. They talked about one of the president's favorite talking points to promote the success of his administration: the record unemployment rate among blacks. (Photo: EVAN VUCCI / AP)

Triumph: And what people do not know, Kanye, everyone knows, right? Everyone – does the world know Kanye? Kanye, what people do not know about Jim, they say, in the first place, is the best soccer player. But they say he was an even better lacrosse player. Do you believe that?

Brown: I have never thought about it.

Triumph: Hey

Brown: I have never thought about it.

Triumph: I heard that he was even in Syracuse.

Brown: I love the game Yes, I loved it. I loved all sports.

Triumph: Well, it's great to have you, Jim. Great to have you

Brown It's good to be here, Mr. President.

Triumph: Kanye, it's great to be with you.

West: Great to be here

In your friendship

Triumph: And these are two friends of mine. And Kanye has been a friend of mine for a long time. And Jim is … Jim came out of nowhere and said: "I like what the President does". We met a long time ago. Right? And I appreciate it very much.

And, you know, if you look at the job numbers, if you look at the median income, if you look at each indicator, we're fulfilling our promise, Jim. Thank you. And I want to thank you.

In North Korea

Brown: And I like North Korea.

Triumph: I also like North Korea.

Yes. Yes, well, he … it turned out to be good. Dialogue. We had a small dialogue. And the Secretary of State has just returned – Mike. He has just returned from North Korea. We had very good meetings and we will meet again. But we are doing well. No more nuclear tests. No more missiles going up. No more nothing. And that … was heading to war. That was aimed at the war.

Brown: Yes. I mean, it was … for me, it looked like this.

Triumph: Yes. It was so close. We talked, I talked to President Obama. I'll tell you, he was heading to war. And now it's going to be, I think it's going to work very well.

West: You stopped the war

Triumph: We really stopped the war. He saved millions of lives. You know, Seoul has 30 million people. You do not realize how big thirty million people are near the border. 30 miles from the border Millions of people would have died and I will say that President Kim has been really good. Very good and we have advanced a lot.

It's good that you say that, because that's big, that's something important that these people were covering, they were not covering North Korea, I think it's not very promising. And there were many problems. President Obama said that was his biggest problem. And I'm not saying anything is resolved –

West: You, the first day, solved one of the biggest problems.

Triumph: Yes.

West: We solved one of the biggest problems.

Triumph: It was a great solution. And it has not been resolved yet, but I think we're fine, I think we're on the way.

No no. It is – we are well on our way.

In a short period of time, Jim. Very short period of time. You know, I left Singapore three months ago. And we have advanced a lot. So it's very good Hey, look, that's one of many things. But I appreciate everything with you.

In the visit of Kim Kardashian, reform of the prison.

Triumph: I'll tell you what: Kim was inside. Mrs. Johnson, we took it out. She was treated very unfairly. And there are many other people like that, that …

West: Yes, we have Larry Hoover's lawyer with us today. And he's a prisoner he concentrated on: he has six life sentences, and they have him next to the Unabomber doing 23 and 1. That means that

Triumph: What did he do? Larry? What happened?

Moore: Why was he?

Triumph Yes, tell me Tell us

Moore: Apparently, it's conspiracy from prison – from state prison. You know, it's alleged. But we do believe that even if he committed those crimes, the sentence was too broad and too strict.

Triumph: What was the sentence?

Moore: Six consecutive life sentences in the safest prison in the world, also known as "a clean version of hell", basically for an economic crime.

West: What prison is that? Name the prison.

Moore: ADX supermax, in Florence, Colorado. They house the Unabomber, Al Qaeda operatives, mass murderers, bombers from Oklahoma City, things of that nature.

Triumph: How old is he? How many years?

Moore: 68

Triumph: 68 years old?

Moore: Yes, 68 years.

West: And really, the reason he was jailed is because he started doing positive things for the community. He began to show that he really had power, that he was not just a monolithic voice, but that he could envelop people.

So there are theories that there are infinite amounts of universe and there is an alternative universe. So it's very important for me to get Hoover out, because in an alternative universe, I'm him. And I have to go free him because he was having a positive attitude inside Chicago, just like I'm moving back to Chicago and it's not just about going on stage, being an artist and having a monolithic voice. Obliged to be a specific part.

In welfare

West: You know, people expect that if you're black you have to be a democrat. I have one – I've had conversations that basically say that well-being is the reason why many blacks end up being Democrats. They say that, in the first place, it is a limited amount of work. So parents lose jobs and say, "We will give you more money to have more children in your home." And then, we got rid of the mental health institutes of the 80s and 90s, and the prison rates skyrocketed.

a crazy (rough) like Kanye West rose and supported, but I think we're going to make the United States great.

Now, the thing is mine, another thing is that blacks have a problem with the word "again". And I think, my opinion is that I'm going to launch, I'm going to go to the end, (inaudible), because time is a myth. Everything we have is now. All we have is today.

So the word "again" does not hurt us because the idea of ​​racism and slavery are different things; It hurts us because we have to focus on who we are now, today, I think.

Kanye meets Trump and plays for the press. (Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP / GETTY IMAGES)

On the hat MAGA and Colin Kaepernick.

West: So I actually brought some hats that have a bit of transition. I'm not trying to put you – (inaudible) in the place a bit. I made a hat that says "Make America great". Only that.

But I would love to see, in the Super Bowl, Trump with the "Make America Great" hat; Colin (Kaepernick) doing – using "Make America Great", and showing that we can bend a bit on this side, we can bend a bit on this side, and we can learn to be malleable in the infinite universe that we are. and the loving beings that we are. That we do not have to adhere to our traditions. And we are not a side. We are a unit. We are a country We are a moment in history and time. I've been here before, but now we're here together. And our greatest value that people have are other people. And we have to stop working (inaudible). It's like a gang again.

On the energy of the Oval Office.

Triumph: Let me ask you this question. You are in the Oval Office –

West: AGREE. (Laughter.)

Triumph: How does it feel to be in the Oval Office?

West: Oh, it's good energy in this.

Triumph: Is not it good energy?

West: It is good energy.

Triumph: It is a great place. Jim, how do you feel?

Brown: I feel good. I really feel good. And thanks to you too.

On the importance of their meeting.

Triumph: You are very respected. And what Kanye is doing has been incredible. They are talking about this all over the world. And I have to tell you that today I had important meetings with senators and everything. Nobody cared. They wanted this meeting. This is the meeting. It's okay? I can tell Jon.

Reporter: We also worry about other things.

Triumph: The others were fine, right? But this is what they want.

Brown: (Inaudible) honor you would be here.

Triumph: Well, it's my honor, Jim. I want to tell you. I've been a fan of yours for a long time.

Brown: Well thank you very much.

Triumph: Long time. No-one like you. No-one like you. There is no athlete like you.

Brown: Well, do you know why I'm here? I'm here to serve.

Triumph: Yes. That's very good, Jim.

Brown: I'm not here to ask for anything. (Inaudible.)

Triumph: And you know, that has always been the way Jim has been, for a long time. And he just wanted to help. And it's something special.

Jennifer, did you have a question?

In stop and frisking

Reporter: I guess, just you, what do you feel about stopping and registering? Are you going to, you know?

Triumph: Well, let's see it.

Reporter: – Follow up on your comment (inaudible)?

Triumph: I am open to everything. Hey, look, I think it's a shame what's happening in Chicago.

About crime in chicago

Reporter: And what else can be done in Chicago?

Triumph: I'm also in Chicago a lot. I have beautiful things in Chicago. Do you know it well? And I hate to see what is happening. They are having numbers, the number of people who are shot and killed, and it is not for this country. So they have to do something. And I am totally open. If we can do it in another way, Kanye, I'm totally open. I mean, we all agree that they have to do something, that's for sure.

Reporter: Mr. President, is it a problem of law enforcement? Legislation, legislative issue?

Triumph: Well, maybe it's a combination of both. Yes, I guess so. But I think it's probably a combination of both. And it's also a matter of respect. They respect this boy. They respect this boy. That is a great thing. At this time, they are not respecting, let's say, their mayor, or let's say their leadership in Chicago. But it certainly should not be happening. What is happening there should not be happening.

Steve? Ahead.

On the penitentiary reform

Reporter: Sir, what does this meeting want to do in terms of prison reform?

Triumph: Honestly, from our point of view, this was created to be a lunch of two people that I like. And I guess they liked it. And we are going to have lunch. Let's talk


West: You said: you said, I suppose, you know that I love you.

Triumph: I know.

West: I did –

Triumph: But I do not want to take, I do not want to put you in that place, but

West: No, I'm standing in that place. I love this boy right here. Let me give a hug to this guy right here. (Laughter.) I love this guy here.

Triumph: That is very nice Come here. That is very nice And that is from the heart. I did not want to put you in that position. (Laughter.) But that's from the heart. Special boy

These two are special people. If you like it, if you do not like it, they are special people. And I appreciate it. Jim, Kanye, I appreciate it. So let's have lunch.

Thank you very much to all.

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