Here he hits the Hailey car door in his face

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Hailey Bieber must be strong

What is the hardest part of being a superstar's favorite? It's no secret that Justin Bieber (24) misses his celebrity and nap in the press. But that wife Hailey (22) must also suffer, should be new to many. Finally, the last two last suuuuper. Now, however, all the signs are looking into crisis! On the way to a dinner day, Justin has unprepared the Hailey car door in his nose.

The violent scenes and the Hailey reaction are in the video.

Weddings were postponed

Whether the nerves just cross with the singer? As the source has now suggested "E! News", Justin and Hailey could face a major challenge: their ecclesiastical dream wedding. "They have a wedding planner and hoped to find a date in January," the insider said, "but now it's January, and they're still busy detailing and planning." Both were so excited about the idea of ​​celebrating a big party with friends and family.

However, the implementation seems to take months to complete. "They swing back and forth and meet with their pastors several times to discuss the religious ceremony and find out exactly what they want." And maybe that's what causes trouble now.

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