Helene Fischer's new friend Seitel lacks a Christmas exhibition

adminDecember 26, 2018

Last night Helene Fischer headed through his elaborate Christmas exhibition. But one was missing: her new friend, Aerial Acrobat Thomas Seitel.

For once, the TV viewers at Helene Fischer's (34) Christmas exhibition were not primarily focused on the draw queen. Most were eager to see Heles new friend Thomas Seitel (33).

After the love directly on the separation of Fischer and Florian Silbereisen (37), many would have loved to see how it crackles between the singer and the performer during their acrobatic posts.

"For personal reasons" canceled

But Seitel, who otherwise floats on the trapeze on the Fischer side, was not seen on the show. "Guys, where's Thomas?" Asked a Twitter user, while Fischer conducted his spectacular entertainment program last night.

According to Hamburger Morgenpost, Seitel had canceled his participation in the recording "for private reasons". So the 33 year old would probably anticipate further headlines about his person.

A clean employment

All in all, Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel has already mastered over 70 joint exhibitions. By the end of October, the acrobat had insisted in an interview with Hessischer Rundfunk that his relationship with the singer was purely professional: "Of course, everything is just an employment relationship. And of course she must come close to me because she doesn't want it to fall. And neither am I ”

Therefore, it was necessary that they had come so close. Nevertheless, the athlete acknowledged: "This has an incredible amount fun done. "

From employment was known then but more. And for his new love, Seitel, who would almost have become a stripper, broke his involvement with his girlfriend. (BRC)

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