Helene Fischer: With this song she supports a number of life models

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With this song Helene Fischer supports various life forms

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The common look took place when recording The common look took place when recording

The common look took place by recording the "Helene Fischer Show" in Düsseldorf

Source: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

In a duet with the lesbian music, Kerstin Ott Fischer fights for equality – between men and women, gay and heterosexual. For the actual singer to the song that would be a great opportunity.

"He and he / Two parents bring their child to the kindergarten / You and you are wearing the same ring / Everything is perfectly normal (all normal)", says the song "Regenbogenfarben" by lesbian musician Kerstin Ott (36; always laughs).

The song was released in October on Otts album "Courage to Disaster", but can now only get the chance to become a hit. He came out as a single in a duet with Schlager Queen Helene Fischer (34).

Nearly six million ZDF viewers looked at the two women's appearance at Fischer's Personality Show on Boxing Day. "Sooo proud!" Ott posted on the look of "Helene Fischer Show" in social networks.

The song evokes diversity of life models

Fischer sings heterosexual equality lines in a duet such as "He and he lubricates the rolls she brings home / you and me, no matter who we are / we are quite normal (we are quite normal)". The song highlights a whole host of life models. "Come on, let's paint the world / In rainbow colors / We want them everywhere / Rainbow flags."

"Helene Fischer makes LGBT fans happy," wrote "Image" the day after "Helene Fischer Show". And the gay magazine "Blu" called it "a real LGBTIQ * hit".

The acronym means the community of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans, intersex and queer people.

The rainbow flag is considered a worldwide recognized symbol of lesbian and gay movement.

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