Helene Fischer: Where was your Thomas? In her Christmas exhibition she shone all alone

adminDecember 26, 2018

What a show! Helene Fischer again delivered fireworks with her eponymous TV show. But the hit star and his wonderful deposit were (of course) in the background this year. Everyone had been waiting for the first pictures of Helene and her new friend Thomas Seitel after love – and were disappointed.

When the "Helene Fischer Show" was registered in early December, her love was still a mystery. When brilliant knows, the whole world knows: This muscular acrobat on Helena's hand, Thomas Seitel (33), makes her happy. The love of the long friend Florian Silbereisen (37) is destroyed. Now certain statements get a whole new meaning during the show.

Along with Maite Kelly (39), Helene Fischer (34) sings: "Love is worth it." Her face shines.

Another effect is the song "I would never fall in love". Fischer seems initially lost in thought. "Any doubt flies away. If you kiss me, you drive me crazy," smashes the attractive blonde. "Dreams come true with you."

If you are the new partner of the pop singer, you will learn in the video above.

Ironic jokes and ambiguous song lines in "Helene Fischer Show"

Now a deposit has a special "taste": When comedian Olaf Schubert (51) comes on the show, he reports that he has been abandoned. His ex has even a new one. When Helene jumped up, she left Schubert. In this comic piece, the singer showed a sense of irony.

It is especially emotional when the beauty of Eli Ed Sheeran's song "Perfect" covers. With a smile on her lips, she sings the lines: "I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets." To carry love, to carry your own children. "Children do not have the Russian yet born. But this smile speaks volumes. .

In another moderation for a song, she explains that she wants the audience a soulmate. Someone with whom one can be strong and weak, with whom one can laugh and cry. The practitioner seems to have found these people.

Helene Fischer is not only a highlight because of the vocal and show performance, but also because of her character. Because the 34-year-old revealed in an XXS ballerina outfit, her mega-trained figure. See the Mucki performance in the video below.

Fine Ballerina Mucki! The singer dances in tutu - but here everyone just looks at her arms


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Sad words – for ex?

In these pictures it was almost forgotten that the singer also hit sad tones. In another introduction, she says, "I think we all know how bad it is when a relationship comes to an end. When a lifelong dream bursts. One is sad, of course, finally comes a little anger. And the pain is infinitely deep. But I am quite convinced that at some point it will start healing the wounds, and you realize that you not only lost but also won, and a treasure full of memories and beautiful moments that will last forever, and you should actually be grateful for "The eyes of her glide. These sentences had already come out before the broadcast, and it was quickly surprised if Fischer talked about their broken relationship. What and to whom she thought of these words, Helene's secret remains.

The show continues for three hours – and goes without Thomas Seitel showing up. Anyone who had hoped for the first pictures will be disappointed. As "mopo.de" reports, Seitel "canceled for private reasons". Whether the recording already shows that the separation of silver travel and the new relationship is announced?

Interestingly, Helene Fischer's last song "Just with you".

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