Helene Fischer shows political flag

adminDecember 28, 2018

The Helene Fischer Show was again a great success in 2018. The assessment of the TV show was a dream, and Helene Fischer (34) caused a lot of emotion with a tearing pause. All in all it was a great night. But some words from Helene Fischer did not complain well on all fans.

Along with singer Kerstin Ott (36), Helene sang the song "Rainbow Colors", which will convey a clear message against racism and homophobia.

Under the motto "We are more", Helene Fiskene also spoke for more tolerance and equality. Before she did "We break the silence," Helene said: "We experience hatred and violence in the middle of Germany." And later she said: "Thank you for experiencing that we are more."

Helene Fische shows political flag – most fans like it

Most fans were enthusiastic about Hele's political flag and commented on Helene Fischer's Facebook page. Then a fan in the comments on Heles Facebook account: "Your announcement to this song has proved very nice."

But other fans didn't like Hele's statement at all. So a fan in the comments says in a nutshell: "After" we are more ", gibberish has immediately switched. She should make music and not do political training."

Helene Fischer is struggling with disappointed fans

Some fans criticize Helene for allegedly using political instrumentalization. How to write: "She did it again and this time on state television. She made a clear political statement, could possibly buy. She is sure to lose a bunch of fans tonight, leaving her."

Most likely Helene Fischer wanted to celebrate with her statements, but only the other, which is now in the long-standing reality. But at least she celebrates a large part of her fans.

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